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Not a goofy question at all...I need all the help I can get! Not sure where to see a pictures of how to decorate Simon's cookies. I would probably decorate the penguin black and white and maybe put a red bow tie around his I said I need all the help I can get...LOL
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You could also add a scarf, hat, maybe even some ear muffs, and don't forget the beak!
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I was very sad to find out John is retired, but at the same time, I'm happy for Debi and John. I own many Simon cutters. I'm so thankful I have them!!!
I never intend to sell mine. icon_smile.gif I told my children, that of all the things I leave behind, I want my Simon cutter's to remain in the family.
My son has a real passion for cake and cookie decorating. I hope the passion lives on for many years.
The cutters were made to last and were worth every penny!

I own one Poppy cutter, and the quality is very close to Simon's. Very nice seller too. I didn't know they had a website. icon_cool.gif I contacted them about a cutter I saw in their ebay profile feedback. They ship very fast!
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The Simon's website has been taken down so you can't see their cutters . For ideas on how to decorate your penguin, try looking at ebay. Poppy's Cookie Cutters just listed a penguin cutter which is in a similar intricate type style and they have a line drawing of how each cutter should look posted with the cutter.
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Poppy's cookie cutters are the same heavy copper design but vary due to copyright laws in character shapes. Since I found Poppy's website every month I been adding to my collection of cookie cutters. I wish Poppy's would have bought the copyrights on Simon's collection. It is disgusting how much people are demanding for them these days.

Another rant and rave I have is the price of Martha Stewart cookie cutters on Ebay for the retired copper collection. What gets me is Old River Road, designed the shapes and sells the same cutters new to anyone for about $8.00 each. Why would someone purchase a "maybe" new retired set of copper cookie cutters on Ebay for $200.00? It is amazing what branding can do and what the consumer is willing to pay. Amazing the same product manufactured by the same company.
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very cute,,but very expensive for just one
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