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hey everyone. I am having major computer problems so I am not able to be on here very often, only when it decides to work, or if I go us my sister's computer.

Angela, I am keeping you little one in my prayers. As for the bettercreme, a while back I had read a thread on here about it, so when I was in the Midland Sam's I asked about it, and they kept it back in the walk in fridge (it has to be refrigerated). It was in a large bucket, and I don't have the space in an extra fridge for it, so I had to pass on it at that time.

JJ, I recently finished taking all 4 of the Wilton classes at Hobby Lobby in Midland.

Sweetpea, welcome to our new little group of cakers from the Permian basin.

And about me, I am a SAHM too (even though I only have one and he's already 14 icon_cry.gificon_cry.gif ..they grow up sooo quickly). I am trying to find a job right now to make up some extra money for the holidays, but there aren't many decent jobs here as it is a small town. I wish I could sell my cakes, even though I'm not the best, I have people willing to buy already. I'm just nervous about the whole "being legal" thing. There is a new gal in town that opened a cake shop. I'm thinking about going in and seeing if she could use an extra pair of hands with the busy holiday season coming.

Diana, it must be nice having that "friends" connection. And I hope all goes well with your daughter this spring. Oh, and how much has gas dropped to there in F.S. ? I just filled up for $1.92 a gallon here yesterday.

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hi kim, hope you are well. thnk u for keeping my son in your prayers. i hear ya about the whole legal thing. i tried going into DJ's cakes and she acted like i was a viral disease, not friendly at all. which really surprised me. maybe she was having a bad day that day. gas here is still well over two dollars, i don't put it in, but asked my husband he said like 2.29. it varies where you get it from. have a great weekend everyone!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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Angela, I was thinking about going to DJ's cakes for a job too. I had looked at their website and I like what they do. Since I want to start a shop of my own here someday, I dont want to go to work in Midland and then be competition with my employer. SO I thought I would go to Odessa to DJ's and ask, but now maybe I wont. Oh, well, for now I'm busy with my own holidays!
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well maybe she was just having a bad day tho. I don't know, she just made me feel pretty low. I had asked if she was hiring and then wasn't friendly at all and basicially just went on to ignore. We all have bad days tho. Maybe that one was hers. So you still might try. Wouldn't hurt. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif can you post the link to her website, please? i have yet to see it. TIA. icon_biggrin.gif
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Hmmmm, I can't find a website for her now. Maybe I was imagining. But here is her spot on It has a lot of pics.

You said "she" when you talked about it just HER? Does she have any employees? Maybe she doesn't want any....hmmmm. I read a review on some other site....the only review for DJ's and the customer was unhappy.
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hi jjandhope, no their were others in the back that i could see. i didn't see how many or anything, but a few. i looked at her cakes and they aren't that impressive. they aren't ugly by any means, but i hadn't seen her work and just thought they would much more impressive. thats pretty sad if that unhappy comment is out there. luckily tho i don't too many people on here go to online stuff here. my thing is not criticize or anything, i am not trying to be mean, but i would think for someone who has her own business she would take more professional photos especially considering she is advertising in brides and on the internet where everyone can see her work. just my personal opinion. i made some oreo cookie molds last nite. you can go to my photos and sheck them out, hehe. they are the turkeys. my dh did some wonderful puter magic to. hope you are having a great weekend!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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Hey all. Just wanted to stop in and see how its going. I see we have quit a bit of new ones on here. So what do all of you do besides cake decorating? Im a nurse here at our local doctors office. As well as a full time very busy single mommy to 3 kiddos my 2 oldest are in school, my youngest is 2. I love decorating and wish I could find more time to do it. Are any of you having trouble uploading pics? I try to and it says I dont have permission to do it. So I dont know what to do. And I agree on Dj's cakes she need to make her pics more professional if shes going to put them in a magazine. Well I guess I'll hollar at ya'll later on. TTYL~Dedra~
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yeah pics is behaving funny. i think just cuz of the maintenance going on tho. i stay home with my kiddos for now. i was going to OC, but had to withdraw. when i went to school in dallas i was majoring in nursing, but now i think i am too old to be a nurse. kudos to you dedra on being a single mom. i can imagine its super tough with three kiddos. i have four and married and its tough that way. so dble kudos to you! hehe. hey someone was talking about the correct grammar and how writing "ya'll" is incorrect and several people from texas responded including myself saying that, thats how we have always spelled, correct or not, hehehe. it was funny. i still spell it like that, hehe. just like i am "fixing" to eat, lolol!!! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif and mind you, i am hispanic, but not accent whatsoever and my dh laughs at how i talk, cuz of how i say iron or oil. hehe hope your weekend is going well!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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I dont know if she is still looking but the women that owned crazy cakes and more in midland, by the ranch, was wanting to sell out. she has everything set up and had a pretty good price
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I'm from monahans.....
never regret anything always live for today!!!
never regret anything always live for today!!!
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hi ali, welcome. i am not sure if diamond has pmed you but she is the one that got this thread started and she wants to try and get more people on here, so if you all see people from our area let them know we are here. she had mentioned also that she would like for us to get together. which i think is an awesome idea, i am so glad she started this thread. i wonder why she is selling her biz. hmmm.... be cool for someone for sure. with everything all set up already, like sinks and ovens. sweeet! hope everyone had a really great weekend!! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif
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yup it had everything. and the rent was cheap. however she was selling a lot of things that i didnt need. might give her a call i think shes still in the phone book
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yeah, crazy cakes is out of business. I peered in the windows and the store looked empty, but there may have been stuff in the back that I couldn't see.

Since someone brought it's my take: I think we spell ya'll like we do instead of y'all (like yankees think we should) is because we are not contracting the words 'you' and 'all'. We are contracting 'ya' and 'all'. It makes a difference in where the apostrophe goes. We say 'ya' instead of 'you'. Anyway....good to see we all say it on this thread, no matter how its spelled.

So what do I do besides bake? Well, I have mostly been a teacher, but I have also been a decorator for Miss Cayce's Christmas Store, a missionary to Mexico and I am a pastor's wife. Right now I am staying home and just working on the house and organizing years of stuff that didnt get done while my kids were too young for school or while I was working. I wish I had my own shop...but thats not happening right now.
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i love miss cayce's! that has got to be the coolest job ever! im an accountant so not much excitement lol
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hi everyone, yay! cc is back up. icon_biggrin.gif i have never been to miss cayce's before. a pastors wife, i bet you stay super busy! icon_biggrin.gif in time jj you might could have your own shop. that would be so cool. i need to get better myself. practice on smoothing my icing. i don't really use fondant except to do some decorating and thats it. people don't really care for it. do you all find the same thing?? so i wonder when diamond is going to try and get us together? are you all game for that??? we could meet at a restaurant on a sat. and just chat. i would love that. i don't really have friends, my only best friend is in dallas and of course i live here. i am going this weekend tho to visit her!!! can't wait *(dancing around)* icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif
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