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cherrylane - awesome! did you stencil it with IMBC? When I took my previous cakes out of the fridge (with IMBC) they were still a bit tacky the next day....should I put cornstarch or anything on the stencil to keep it from sticking?
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Yes, I stenciled with IMBC. Sticky is good! The stencil will stick to the cake while you work on it. Just be carefull when you pull it off. Wipe the stencil off before using it again. You don't want excess icing on it.

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THANK YOU!!!! I absolutely LOVE IMBC and SMBC and I'm loving stencils, so I am happy to know that I can do both! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Any other tips?
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Here's a BIG TIP!

Log on to WoWBargainStencils . com

Big Clearance sale that ends soon!

Happy Shopping!

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Oh $#@! I just spent the full $75 for the 5 tier lace set!!! AAHHH!!! Thank you SO much for the info though!!!!
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Im sorry I didnt mean to confuse you...I hope you let us know how it does turn out.. I am curious now.. I hope you find an answer soon..
Seven days without laughter makes one weak!

One greatful thought raised to the heavens is the most perfect prayer.
Seven days without laughter makes one weak!

One greatful thought raised to the heavens is the most perfect prayer.
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By the way - I just did some shopping there! Thanks again for the website!
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Your welcome!

They shipped my order out yesterday!
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I got my order today....VERY COOL!!! I was nervous about the quality since it said something like some of them are burned and all of that...but no problems whatsoever. I have a question for all of those who have stencils: how do you store yours to keep them from breaking or getting stuck on each other? I put them in labeled ziploc bags and stacked them. Any other ideas?
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Thank you so much for this thread. I was justing thinking about stenciling onto IMBC and if it would work.
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Originally Posted by bcake1960 View Post

OK jmo, but as I was thinking about this.. What is the color going to stick too?.. I would think it would bead up on smbc (lots of butter) and especially when it thaws. Bc has some body to it with powedered sugar to stick to.. Am I totally off here ? icon_confused.gifdetective.gif

Any time i have ever tried to airbrush on SMBC or IMBC I have found this.  The color only adheres in a few spots and beads in others giving a really blotchy finish.  I no longer attempt airbrusing on MBCs only on AMBC.  Hope this is helpful!  good luck!

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I would love to do a wedding cake with IMBC and using a stencil but not sure how the IMBC will stand up or how long can it stay out of the refrigerator. As you know wedding cakes can be left out on display for hours before they start cutting/eating. 

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Definitely don't airbrush, it will bead. I would stencil buttercream on buttercream. I agree with just refrigerating rather than freezing as you want to minimise condensation with contrasting colours.
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How in the world did you get that highly detailed sunburst design on the cake in your Avatar? It's very unique.

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I have not stenciled but I have done buttercream transfers onto IMBC and SMBC using crusting buttercream for the transfer. Works great

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