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Michelle Foster's Fondant vs. MMF

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Can anyone tell me the differences between the two?
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I have not made Michelles so I can not tell you how it tastes. Many people swear by it. I do want to see what I am missing. The only thing I will say about the easy mmf is it issooo easy! Heat marshmallows, add color and powdered sugar, stir and voila. IT takes maybe 10 minutes tops! I love it and have had no prpblems. Why ruin a good thing. Plus a lot less ingredients. (I edited the recipe for this, actually not much more to it, just trying to make a point) HTH
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From what I've read, Michele Foster's not only tastes better but, more importantly, withstands refrigeration MUCH better. I've read numerous posts stating that they refrigerate assembled cakes with MFF (haha, the abbreviations are almost the same, eh) with NO problems, whereas MMF (that would be marshmallow fondant in case you are abbreviationally-challenged icon_biggrin.gif) can sometimes get more slick than you'd like when refrigerated. I definitely don't care for refrigerating MMF, it seems to take forever for the condensation to evaporate and I end up with a shiny cake. I'd like to try MFF as an alternative, but I do agree that the minimal ingredients in MMF are soo appealing. I actually bought some satin ice for refrigerated cakes, but I do like to have a make-it-yourself alternative in case something goes horribly wrong and I run out.
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MMF is what the kids like
MFF is what the grownups like.

MMF = Marshmallow
MFF = Michele Foster

(Just thought to define for those like you said earlier, abbreviationally challenged -- heh heh icon_lol.gif )

So if your cake is going to be snatched & ate up by kids, then MMF. I'd say. Altho, I like the MMF. I just use salt and flavors to cut down the sweetness. icon_wink.gif
Love the SPS system....See Leah's tagline for instructions.
Love the SPS system....See Leah's tagline for instructions.
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MFF is made with milk and glycerine whereas MMF utilizes the ingredients already in Marshmallows.
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The difference between the two is similar to a delicate pastry crust that takes some delicate handling (Michele's) but tastes wonderful, and one that is easy to roll, but will be tougher and chewier (MMF).

I've found that Michele's is much easier (at least for me) to smooth around a cake, especially square cakes. It can tear but is a much more tender fondant, and blends into the BC base icing very well, so it seems like part of the icing. I also find the MMF can have a bit of a commercial taste, while the flavorings I add to Michele's come through very well and cleanly. I also prefer the taste of Michele's because I like a "no preservatives" icing.

MMF works well for cookies, or when I have to make a fondant drape, I'll blend 50% MMF into Michele's to get less tearing. I use a MMF-Michele blend when I do my wedding dress cakes for the same reason.

I'm glad this post was started...I'm looking forward to reading others' experiences. thumbs_up.gif
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I used to make MMF when using homemade, but I really came to hate it! It was so unpredictable and the consistency was not a real nice smooth looking fondant. Michelle's is awesome, I am a definite convert, it is a beautiful consistency and I have no problems with it at all, If coloring it, as with any, I just add a little extra PS so it won't be so soft.
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It is so cool for me to see a thread with Michele's fondant in it!

I've never tried mmf, though my kids love Michele's fondant and want to eat it like candy. You can add any flavor to it you want to make it more appealing to kids. Most adults I know don't like "chewing" their icing, so don't like ANY fondant I would make - not for flavor, just the "chewing" thing.

I will say NEVER add white gel paste to this, I did it twice to get a softer color pink, and my fondant fell apart both times, which means it HAD to be the gel paste. All other colors are fine, just the white gave me problems.

You can play with the consistency by adding and subtracting, but I did find that if I wanted some stiffness to it I can add tylose powder which helps it harden a little bit. I can roll it thinner with this and use it for flowers, etc, instead of buying or making gumpaste. I think if I was doing extremely delicate flowers I'd want gumpaste, but for general figures and flowers the tylose added to mff is great! I actually made a palm tree with tiny intricate leaves, they were delicate and could break if you messed with them, but held up fine, done with mff! (not in my pics yet)

I'm so happy so many people are enjoying this fondant!
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i tried mmf to practice with and it dried as hard as a rock, I don't know if it will come back of the stryofoam or not. I normally use mmf recipe and really like it, it has a good taste to it and it's not gummy. It's pretty easy to make also
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Wow! I never knew what MMF was!! I'd really like to try it! Any suggestions as far as colouring? What type of food colouring do you use? And same with the fondant too, I find it really hard to colour it. It takes so much food colouring!! And black seems impossible!
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Black is easier to make from chocolate fondant. Use the gel paste color on any fondant you use. When I make Michele's fondant, I actually add some gel paste color to the liquid part of the fondant, once it's only warm, not hot anymore, before I mix it with the powdered sugar. This makes it much easier, and less kneading. If it's not enough color, then you can still knead more gel paste color in, but you have less to do!
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I am a HUGE fan of MFF!!! I used to be a MMF fan, but after making Michele's I have not gone back (exception: I do still make MMF for covering cake boards as it is a wee bit cheaper and I hate to use the quality of Michele's on a part of the cake that is going to be thrown away and I continue to use it for my sugar cookies. ) That being said, even though the first part of Michele's is a little more labor intensive (cooking the ingredients vs. melting marshmallows) I find that when it comes time to add the PS, that goes so smoothly it makes up for all the times I've had to continue to add (PS) and knead, add and knead to MMF. Michele's is smoother than silk and goes on the first time and is PERFECT each and every time.

Also, I stumbled across a post once where a girl adds 6 oz. of melted white chocolate to the recipe and it becomes White Chocolate Fondant!!! I tried that and people have fallen over themselves to eat it!!!

I encourage you to try it at least once. It really takes your cakes up a notch.
1 Chronicles 23:29
They were in charge of the bread set out on the table, the flour for the grain offerings, the unleavened wafers, the baking and the mixing, and all measurements of quantity and size.
1 Chronicles 23:29
They were in charge of the bread set out on the table, the flour for the grain offerings, the unleavened wafers, the baking and the mixing, and all measurements of quantity and size.
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Michele's fondant hands down. MMF is too sweet and chewy. Not that Michele's isn't chewy.. I mean it's fondant it has to be a little chewy.. but it's not like MMF. Michele's fondant is better than the commercial brands I have tried and MUCH cheaper to make. It takes about 15 minutes to make a batch.. the list of ingredients is a little longer, but it's no more complicated to make. I add white chocolate candy clay to it all the time and it flavor really is wonderful. People will actually eat it which to me is great. I'd say if you are wondering about it.. make it. You won't regret it. icon_smile.gif
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I haven't yet tried Michelle's, but I am so happy with MMF at the moment it's hard to try another recipe--especially since it is so inexpensive and easy to make.

I've never had to knead and knead; stir in the PS and use your hands when there is a half bag left. The PS gets incorporated much quicker that way. Add food color before adding the PS and you won't have to knead it in.

You can add melted chocolate to MMF, as well.

One day I will try Michelle's and may end kicking myself for not trying it sooner, but for now, being spread thin with time, I have to stick with making my double batches of MMF in my big ol' 70's Tupperware bowl.

I add glycerine to my MMF which gives it great pliability:
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I'm a novice in this...but these are my thoughts. I've been making marshmallow fondant recently (cheap and easy) rather than store bought (haven't tried Michelle's yet) and have had mixed results. My first couple of fondant cakes were with Wilton's fondant and had excellent results (no pleating at the base) but it was GROSS! Then I tried MMF, I liked the flavor much more but am having a horrible time with pleating. As I do more cakes, the pleating is improving...but with store bought it was never a problem. I am battling with my internal debate of making more cakes with MMF (because it costs so much less) and improving my technique, or using store bought fondant that is more predictable and baking less often. I don't sell my cakes, this is all for fun. Thoughts, ideas? Thanks!
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