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My favorites are the crumb cakes...the square with the powdered sugar on top & the BEST ever, which I can never find anymore - All Butter French Crumb Cake (round, crumbs, no PS on top).
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Originally Posted by lilmissbakesalot

I used to live next to the Ben & Jerry's factory in VT. They sold seconds too... baaaaaaaaaad for the diet!

I am die hard scratch baker, but Entenman's mini chocolate chip cookies are horribly awesome. They were what my grandmother would get for a treat.

Sorry to revive an old thread but this one drew me in. I used to work at that Ben & Jerry's plant/factory and we were allowed to take three pints of seconds home with us each day we worked. To make it more exciting, the flavor on the outside of the container was not always the flavor inside. I gained quite a few pounds in the six months I worked there but I was very popular as a babysitter because I always brought ice cream with me. icon_smile.gif

My Entenmann's question is if anyone remembers the cream filled fudge cake they used to have. It had that marvelous fudge frosting and a white cream inside it. It was absolutely sinful!! I haven't seen it in years. I live in Minnesota and we only get the basics here. Since I can't get that cake, I've managed to wean myself off.

In college though we used to get the tiny Entenmann's chocolate chip cookies and bring them back to the dorm and warm them up in our illegal toaster oven. It was like having fresh cookies. Great when you came home drunk after a party. icon_lol.gif
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