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Can I use gel coloring for red velvet cake?

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I need to make 200 red velvet cupcakes and realized it will take lots (about 10 oz) of the liquid red food coloring. Can I use the gel colors (such as Wilton no-taste red)? Has anyone done this? If so, how much gel to use in the recipe (it calls for 1 oz per recipe). Thank you in advance!! (I am hoping to avoid the expense of each 1 oz bottle of the liquid color)
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Yes, you can use gel - I don't know how much to tell you. You also may want to look into buying a big bottle of liquid red thru a local wholesaler.
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Certainly as Kory said........use it. You will use much less than those 10 oz using it over those tiny bottles of watered down coloring you buy in the grocery!
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Will no-taste red work in that recipe? I know that the red food coloring I put in mine contributes to the taste...I tried making a yellow velvet cake once and it didn't taste the same.
Those of you that have made it with the gels, how much did you use?
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I have on occasion had to do this, the only way I could figure out to do it was get about 1oz. of water and color it until it was DARK red and that seemed to work fine. I have used gel, liqua gel, paste and powder and it has turned out fine. You do all kinds of things in a pinch!icon_smile.gif
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Maybe the yellow velvet didn't taste the same because of no cocoa?
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i watered down the paste to make a oz my recipe calls for 2 oz and you mix the color with the cocoa powder
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I took a one ounce tube of gel coloring and mixed it with about 2 tablespoons of water. It provided enough color for the recipe that required 2 ounces of the liquid food coloring.
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I would deffinantly find somewhere to buy red food coloring in bulk. I know that Cash and Carry has it, as does Smart and Final. Any place like that should.
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