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12 year old girl birthday cake ideas????

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Mom says do "whatever". Anybody done a girly 12 year old's cake recently? Any ideas?
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what is she into???

If you want it really girly I would do topsy turvey with a boa cake board and lots of loopy bows and duff roses etc..... a lot of the ones that i really like have some zebra print on them....

If you can get an idea of what she's into, cheerleading, sports, etc.... you could build from there..

Good luck
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Ooh I should specify, she just wants a sheet cake.
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i hate sheet cakes!!

You could do the same girly girl with the zebra print and a big loopy bow in the corner with duff roses etc.... and the Happy Birthday ...... in the center.

Unless you can nail down her interests...youl could do just a FBCT of whatever she is into.
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I love the zebra stripe idea.

Hannah Montana is big with that age group. The Mom should have been able to atleast throw some ideas out there!
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I agree. It's much easier to come up with a design if you know what she is interested in. Also, what is her favorite color? Maybe you could make a sheet cake to look like a gift box? But if she is requesting a sheet cake, she might be thinking basic and cheap
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The only 12 year old cake I did had a GREASE theme. BUT, I did a 13 year old's cake that was a hatbox with the numerals in chocolate on the front. It's in my photos.

I LIKE the zebra idea too!

Beth in KY
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Good ideas...I think I will email the mom some pics so she can narrow it down. I thought about Hannah Montana too. I've done a couple of those!
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I like sheet cakes and do a ton of them. I do a lot of freehand designs, so it's just a blank canvas for me.

I know a ton of 12 and 13 year old girls and they're all into The Jonus Brothers & High School Musical. Maybe you could make the sheet cake look like an iPod and have the display showing Happy Birthday _____. Maybe just some fashionista type items around the cake....purses, shoes, lipstick, sunglasses, etc.

Good luck!

Check out my new website!
Check out my new website!
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I think 12 may be a little old for Hannah Montana..... I would double check with the mom before you do an idea like that. I have a 13 year old and she would DIE if I made her a jonas brothers, hannah montana cake! I like the zebra idea and maybe incorporate hot pink that always looks great. I agree hate sheet cakes, maybe try to sway her away from that idea could also do a tiara and a shoe on the cake that is girlie!!!
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Find out her favorite store and make a shopping bag from that store, girls always like to shop. Then I would suggest that the mom buy her a gift card to that store as the gift and you can place it on top of the cake, popping out of the bag. I have done an American Eagle bag in the past.
"Baked with Love"
"Baked with Love"
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I did an American Idol cake for a 12 year old. She loved it. You can check out my photos - it's in there.
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Are you charging for this cake? I agree if she only wants a sheet cake she is probably wanting a less expensive cake, which ofcourse, narrows down what you can do.
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we'll i am 11 year old girl and im inlove with one direction, so for my birthday cake i got a picture of one direction printed on my cake with edible ink and paper on the second tier, for the first tier i made figures from gum paste (you can use fondant or marzipan) of the members of one direction it looked awesome! but you could do this with any band or singer that could work quite well with justin bieber, you could also make a collage of pictures of that singer or band! also zebra prints was a fantastic idea! if you want to add a twist to the zebra print idea you could use your favourite color as the background for example i really like they color green so i would do a green background maybe then black zebra stripes (but you could use your fave color!) i also think pink would look awesome! if you have a theme for the party then you could carry the theme into the ccake like if the theme was hollywood then you could made movie strips and a camera a directers secne clip things a red carpet an award.......?
i really hoped this helped!
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I like the zebra cake idea. Since its just a sheet cake you could make it a little more interesting by making the batter look zebra also (alternating white and chocolate batter). I think that looks so cool icon_smile.gif
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