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hi toleshed, their should be a lil box that saids "attachment" and you click that and it should let you. if your using the quick comment box at the bottom of page, click preview and then after it loads the page you can scroll down it will be there, when you click "attachment" then you click "browse" and pick your pic icon_biggrin.gif
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Toleshed, I did not put these in the freezer. I just let them cool on the counter.
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That doesn't work for me to post an attachment. Where is the lil box you spoke of?
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hi toleshed, when you go to the quick comment section at the bottom of the thread you can start your post and then click "preview" it will take you to another page, where you can add your attachment. if you look past the box where you write, their are some lil boxes you can click for disabling things or notify me when a reply posted, right under that you will see "attachment posting control panel" their is a lil box within that area that saids "add an attachment" you click that, then it will reload the page and it will have the box under the first "attachment area you clicked, you will see that it saids "browse" you will click that and then click "add attachment"
its a bit confusing icon_confused.gif cuz their are so many steps and then it repeats attachment a few times, i hope that helps. icon_smile.gif its the only way i know how to do it. if anyone knows another way for it to be easier, i wish they would come along, hehehe! Goodluck!!! oh and sometimes the pic might be too big so then you have another problem, hehe! all that just to post a pic. crazy! hehehe icon_lol.gif
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Some of my Christmas Oreos dipped not molded and made with candy cane oreos! icon_smile.gif
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Amifsud.. Im sorry I dont know why your cookies would have turned a white color ?
I do put mine in the freezer to set up and they dont turn any color.
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Amifsud. I want to say that your cookies are just gorgeous!
I also wanted to ask if the cookies you dipped in the left over choc had been just sitting out or you had just used it ,then used it again or what ?
Also what choc do you use ?
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i love those oreos fiddlesticks!!! gingerbread men rock!! CUTE!!!! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif
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angelatx..Thanks for the nice words they were a huge hit with everyone !
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Fiddlestix, I used melt n mold, just opened the package. I did the oreos dipped in chocolate first then the molded ones, the molded ones turned out fine, do you think the first ones the chocolate was not hot enough? Am I supposed to let it get to a certain temp? Thanks for the comment on the cookies they were fun to make.
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I wouldnt think so,with dipping choc it just has to be warm enough to melt ,not hot. Thats strange though, sorry I just dont have an answer.I hope someone might know for you.
I have never had mine do that.
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Oh well thanks for your help anyway, I will figure it out. I might try some of the parafin chips and see if that helps. I am still waiting on my molds for spinning leaf so I am sure I will figure something out.
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It just doesent make since that it would work one way and not the other. Let us know if you figure it out. You will love the spinning leaf molds. did you get the reg size or the mini,s?
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I got most of them I think I ordered 13 all together but I order 2 of some of the plain ones. I also got the nutter butter mold, cause I love those cookies. I might try using the Chocolate from Trader Joes they have a really good milk chocolate bar that I use for Rocky Road.
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Im hooked on Sams club dipping choc ! Did you happen to get the new clown oreo mold ? Its on the new molds email they sent a few days ago ? I might have to order that its so cute and I love clowns!
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