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Cute idea for holiday packaging of Oreo cookies!!! - Page 20

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i love them and love the effect on the edges! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif
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Hello everyone. I am doing some dipped oreos this year for the first time. I purchased some molds from spinning leaf and can't wait to try them.

My question for everyone is how long the dipped cookies last before they go bad? I am planning on sending some to family in Alaska and want to be sure that they won't go bad too quickly. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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I found some boxes at our local Dollar Tree - there are three in a pack (for a buck!!)....I just covered the open box with clear cellophane wrap and then put the top on the bottom so that people could see what is in the box. These are mini oreos in the Spinning Leaf mini mold with candy melt decorations. (Sorry for the glare - kinda hard to get a good photo with the reflection of the cellophane)
Kathy W
Kathy W
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These are some I made this morning. The milk chocolate ones have the red filled Oreos and the while chocolate have mint Oreos. I used fondant cut outs and packaged them in some clear envelopes and cup cake liners I had on hand.
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Well everyones Oreo,s look Fantastic! Im happy to try any and all samples!!!!
I cant wait to get mine done !
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I came across this tutorial, for those of you who have had questions or for those who come across this thread & may wonder how to do it. And it has pics!
Friends will enhance your life. Everyone else is just an acquaintance
Friends will enhance your life. Everyone else is just an acquaintance
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What do you use for your chocolate?
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toleshed.. Hey there Happy Holidays ! I have been using the choc dipping bars at Sams, They are just delicious and melt so easy !
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hi fiddlesticks!! i hope you and your family had a super great christmas!! haven't been on this thread for a while. i made some new oreos, i will try and post them.

hi kim, did you get to make your oreos?? post a pic. i didn't see any on your myspace. bet their purdy!

Angela icon_biggrin.gif

it didn't let me, said they were too big. they are in my photos tho.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!! God bless.... icon_biggrin.gif
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angelatx, Happy Holiday to you to ! Your oreos are adorable glad you liked the molds !
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hi fiddlesticks! so what have you been up to? u know i was thinking that i might not even do cakes except for my own kids, sis, bro and parents. i think i like oreos and cookies so much more. i got a recipe from allrecipes and its for oatmeal cookies, they are the best!!! of course and decorating cookies, i just have so far to go to get any good tho. i hope you and your family have a safe and Happy New Years eve!!! ((huggers)) icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif
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Fiddlestx, i ordered the molds from spinninleaf last week and have not receieved them yet, couldn't wait to make them so I bought one of the wilton ones this weekend, made them today, found that the mold is too shallow cause even after pressing the regular oreo all the way down it was higher thanthe mold they came out ok. I can't wasi to get my molds. I have a question about the choc melt, my molded cookies turned out fine, then I dipped some in the same chocolate and when they dried there was a dry white film on them, do you know why?
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I also had the dry white film on some of them. I thought it was from putting them in the freezer
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msgirl, your oreso turned out great!!! very pretty icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif
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Can somebody tell me how to post a picture right here on the forum?
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