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Our school has a new nutritional policy. Nothing may be given to a student that has a high sugar or fat content. So, parents started to send in treats like sugar free Jello jigglers. That was fine with the school, but has anyone read the ingredients in those things? There is no food in them-just artificial sweeteners and artificial colors and flavorings. Now I have my students make a keepsake book for the birthday child and we do not celebrate in school with food. IMHO just one more example of those in charge not being able to see a balanced approach, but an all or nothing mentality.

I totally agree. At first I was excited to find that two brands now make "flavored water drinks" for kids, rather than juice boxes, as I don't need my DD eating 29g of sugar every time she has a juice box or pouch at a party. Then I realized they are only low in sugar because they contain Sucralose. Technically since sucralose is derived from sugar they get away with calling it "all natural." Humpf. I am not trying to start a debate on whether or not Sucralose is harmful, but I do think it's a chemical process that my kid is a little too young to be ingesting at age 4. Back to watering down her apple juice LOL.