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Ganache is generally used as a coating over frosting. I heated the milk until almost boiling, then poured it over the chocolate. Let it sit a couple minutes, and then stir. It pours well when warm.
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It's so great of you to have not only taken the time to do the testing, but sharing the results w/ all of us as well! thumbs_up.gif

The ganache w/ sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips sounds awesome--especially since my DH loves anything w/ "Eagle Brand" in it! icon_rolleyes.gif

(Does anyone have the Scott Wooley recipe? I'm not familiar w/ that one. TIA!)
"It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept." --Bill Watterson
"It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept." --Bill Watterson
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What is the Hershey's truffle filling?
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Thank you for sharing these yummy results with us. Now, I am going to have to make the choc cake tonight as well as the cake I am already doing!!! icon_biggrin.gif

I would also like to know the recipe for the Hershey's truffle filling.
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First off, I just have to say I am very new at all this and have quickly become extremely obsessed since I discovered cake central! I want to say thank you to all you experienced bakers for sharing all your wisdom, it really gives a novice like me the inspiration and tools to improve.

Whew! I just had to get that out! icon_biggrin.gif

I just happened to have done a chocolate cake teste myself last month so I thought I would share my results. icon_smile.gif A woman at my husbands work asked me to do a "very chocolatey" cake for her daughters bridal shower-I was very excited because this was my first time to get paid for a cake. (well actually she still hasn't paid me for it but...) So I searched the internet for all the "best" chocolate cake recipes and made the cakes to send in to my husbands work for everyone to test. I tried different recipes with coffee, and ones that were expensive and a pain in the butt to make and then wouldn't stack well, etc. Then the cake they picked as best tasting, luckily for me, happened to be the easiest recipe to make and stacked great! I tripled the recipe and baked 4 10x10 layers and didn't have any trouble stacking or decorating. I followed the recipe exactly exept that I used Godiva chocolate instead of Bakers.

This recipe was everyone's favorite by a mile! Including my family! My boys wanted me to "keep trimming" the cake so they could keep eating! icon_lol.gif
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Another thing you can do hawkette is replace the water with coffee in a recipe you like & it just gives it a richer flavor.

I don't mind dense, but ultra dense/brownie like should be left for, well brownies. I like the consistency of the WASC, but that's as dense as I'm willing to go. Ceshell, if you've made the WASC would you say Scott Woolley's cake is similar in texture? I've always wondered about acheiving height b/c I don't want to have to bake extra cakes just to get my 4"
Friends will enhance your life. Everyone else is just an acquaintance
Friends will enhance your life. Everyone else is just an acquaintance
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Link to the egullet modification of the Scott Woolley recipe:

Incidentally, the egullet forum that decided this was the best chocolate cake, then went on to compare it to that very same Epicurious double choc. layer cake (also with modifications). At the end of the 21 page thread there was no consensus as to which was better, the Woolley cake or the Epicurious cake. (But again, both recipes had been modified by the egulleters). If you have time for a nice long read you can check out that original thread here
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I like the dark chocolate cake recipe here on CC (its also on recipezaar)
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dandelion56602, I've only made the WASC once but I'd say it's in the ballpark as far as comparable density to the SCW cake. The SCW cake is dense, but it is still 100% cake, it is nothing like a thick, chewy (or even the dry kind) brownie. I think he calls it Fudge Brownie cake because it's deep, dark and moist like a brownie. It's not light and fluffy, but when you bite into it, it's cake decadence, not like you are eating the wrong dessert. But I am sure that density is a matter of preference and I know there are some for whom the cake is just "too rich."

If you are torting your cakes then achieving 4" should be no problem - check out the cakes in my gallery that I mentioned on p1 of the thread, all are amply tall and from a single recipe of the SCW cake, they're torted for 4 layers of cake/3 filling so naturally that jacks up the height.

It bakes well for cupcakes too but it bakes them to liner height - I mean you get a little puff but it is definitely not a doming cupcake recipe. That is a plus for some, a minus for others.

I can't get enough of it. I hoard the leftovers. But I AM a chocoholic, if you are not, then of course a lighter recipe might still be a better option (I can't believe I just said that icon_lol.gif)

Cut the recipe in half and give it a whack!
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Sorry to ask again, but I really would like to know the truffle filling recipe?
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CakeMakar, sorry I didn't get back to you last night. The recipe was just a standard truffle recipe in a Hershey cookbook. I will try to find it for you tonight, although I didn't find it that impressive. You could use any truffle recipe (or even the ganache mentioned earlier in this post), and it would be just as good. Add slightly more cream if you want it a little less stiff, although you don't want it too creamy or the layers may slide.
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Can you post the recipe for the chocolate mousse filling as well.
Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!
Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!
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Ok, thanks! icon_biggrin.gif
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cakemkr, fiddlesticks has a great truffle recipe, eat out of the bowl is......I forgot, it can be used as a cake/cupcake filling or rolled to make truffles as well. but it is soooooo yummy!

Chocolate truffle filling:
*courtesy of Fiddlesticks

3 3/4 cups (31 oz.) granulated sugar
3 cups heavy whipping cream
2 tbsp. light corn syrup
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1 pound unsweetened chocolate, chopped (I use Baker's brand)
1 1/2 cups (3 sticks) unsalted butter, cut into pieces
6 oz. semisweet chocolate, chopped (again, I use Baker's brand)
1 tbsp. vanilla extract

Combine first 4 ingredients in heavy 6-quart saucepan or Dutch oven. Stir
constantly over high heat until mixture comes to a rolling boil. Reduce heat to
medium and cook without stirring for EXACTLY 4 minutes. Remove from heat. Add
remaining ingredients and stir until melted and smooth. Cool. (Can be prepared
one day ahead. Cover and let stand at room temperature.)
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The can of sweetened condensed milk with 2 cups of chocolate chips was mine! thumbs_up.gif I got it years and years ago as part of a brownie recipe! It was the topping. I've used it as a filling for cakes ever since! It's nice because I always have the ingredients in my cabinet.

For ganache I always use 1 cups chocolate chips and 3/4 cups whipping cream.

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