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I made the cake with the cookie inside--I was quite brave and made it for an event, although I never made it before--I heard it was great, but that some people thought the cookie inside was actually cake that was frozen. Did I make the cookie to thick, or not add enough bc on either side? I quess I was hoping it would really soften it up. Again, I was told it was yummy, I just want to be able to perfect it for next time. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by raquel1

Guys I've got to let you know that the best filling I've used in this cake is a sugar cookie that you bake in the same size cake pan you use for the cake and then use any fruit or bc on top and under the cookie for it to "stick" to the cake. A favorite is seedless raspberry preserves. You just spray the cake pan well w/oil and pat the dough in leaving a space all around the edge for expansion, I use the pre packaged cookie mix and 1 env. makes a 10 - 12", or 1/2 envelope for 8 - 9"(and just use the whole egg the recipe calls for...) The cookie softens inside the cake and people just don't know what or how you made this, it's delish!

I was going for the cookie dough cupcakes as a sheet, but I think this will work! Thanks for this!
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This thread is awesome! I am going to try all of it!
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I just tried the butter cake recipe to make cupcakes, and for me, it's amazing. The problem is that it still has such a classic DH taste (i happen to love DH) and if i try to sell them to pple i know, they will definately recognize the taste. Is there any way to mask it? I added some butter extract and vanilla extract but it wasn't enough.
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what does wasc mean
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WASC - White Almond Sour Cream
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Hi I'm going to try the buttercake one with the cookie tonite what is a good icing to go with it .will it go with a chocolate ganache or a vanilla bc
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I know this thread is aged but I'm so thrilled to have found it! I cannot wait to try the cookie in the middle! Thanks for all the ideas and sharing from CCers. You're awesome!
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Will the cookie be crunchy in the middle of the cake? I am thinking about trying it. Has anyone tried the cookie in the middle of a chocolate cake? If so, how was it?
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Hi well I did it and it is so good I did buttercake with the sugar cookie and seedless raspberry preserves filling and chocolate ganache whip icing .Thank you for a good recipe it a keeper my 3yr. say so. Can wait to do the chocolate one
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I usually make a meringue the same size of the cake and put it between the makes a fabulous crunch! Same idea as the cookie!
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