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Red Velvet Jelly Roll

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Is it possible to make a jelly roll using red velvet cake? If so what recipe would you use? Can I use a box mix? What can I add to it so it doesn't break on me? Please help ASAP. I have to bake this tomorrow. Thanks.
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I googled this for you and all I could come up with were a couple of recipes that just looked like a chocolate jelly roll. One of them was Paula Deens recipe. I will say they were all scratch, I'm not afraid to try new things. I would bake the cake and follow the mixing instructions and just do it in a jelly roll pan and do it the way you would a regular jelly roll, roll it up in a towel to cool and all that.
Have fun!

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Yes, you can make red velvet roll. Yes, you can use a boxed mix.

I feel the trick to making roll cakes is to make sure that you turn it out onto the towel immediately upon removal from the oven, and rolling it in the towel right away. You won't find a better time to do it. When cake is hot, it is softest and most pliable.

I prefer to use sponge cakes for this, but when I was learning how to do them, boxed mixes proved to be a far less-expensive way to learn.

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Thanks for the help. I'm going to cook it in a 11x15 pan. I don't have a jelly roll pan. I'll let you know how it comes out.
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I would try leaving most of the fat out if you want to roll it without breaking. A jelly roll is classically a sponge cake (no fat). Fat will tenderize the cake which will cause it to break.

I did this recently (not red velvet) by whipping 5 eggs until really fluffy, adding 1 teasp. of Vanilla, then I folded in 1 cup of sifted cake mix and 1 melted tbsp. of butter. Spread in the pan and bake at 375 for 18-20 minutes. Make sure you parchment and spray your pan. Turn out onto a towel that has been covered with powdered sugar and roll up with the towel inside it. Make sure you use a lot of powdered sugar or it will stick!!!
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I'm definetly going to try that Toptier. It's sounds alot easier than what I did. Mine broke on me. What kind of pan did you use?
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I used a 12" x 17" pan - it should still work fine in your pan, it will just be a tad thicker. Because it doesn't have much fat in it, it won't keep very long before drying out. If you are rolling it up with a "wet" filling, such as whipped cream it will be fine but if you are doing a drier filling such as buttercream or cream cheese frosting you may want to brush it with simple syrup (once it is rolled up) to keep it moist.

I think the color will be very light using a red velvet mix - you may want to experiment with substituting a tad bit of cocoa powder and a drop of red coloring to deepen the color.

Whip those eggs a long time until very light and fluffy, then fold the sifted cask mix in with a whisk carefully so as not to deflate. Best of luck thumbs_up.gif
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weefoot.. Did you make the red velvet jelly roll ? If so How did it turn out and what recipe did you end up using?
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