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From this point forward Stolen Pic threads will be deleted immediately upon coming to the attention of a moderator.

These threads always turn nasty and end up doing more harm than good to the CC community.

Going forward, if you believe some site has stolen images from the CC gallery here are the appropriate steps to be taken:

1. If they are not your images, send a courtesy PM to the CC member who owns the photos and let them decide how to proceed. Do not contact the "accused offender" directly, you never know if the CC member gave permission for their photo to be used.

2. If it is your photo then there are a few options:
a. You should send a professional message to the site operator notifying them of the copyright infringement and ask for it to be removed within 48 hours.
b. if the photo remains up, you can forward the violation to ME and I can file a complaint via CC to the ISP, hosting company, and site operator.

These things need to be handled professionally and responsibly. When the mob gets going nothing positive comes out of it.

If you have questions about this policy please ask me via PM as this thread will not be open for comments.