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One of my customers wants 20-25 cupcakes half chocolate with white frosting and half vanilla with chocolate frosting but wants a cupcake cake in the shape of a clowns face.

Any ideas how to incorporate the chocolate frosted ones in?? Maybe a hat??

I HATE clowns!!
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I hate clowns too! Yuck! At Christmas time I frosted Santa hats on my cupcakes. These were mini-cupcakes, but I think you could do the same thing, just with "clown-ish" colors. I just used a star tip, and swirled red frosting around the cupcake bringing the icing up, letting it build on itself until it was tall enough to look like a Santa hat. Then I used white icing to make the border of the hat and the little pom-pom on the end.
I tried to do this same thing using colors for NFL teams (I had extra frosting) and they turned out looking like clown hats!!
I hope this makes sense, I can't find the pic I took of the santa hats! They were so cute! I hope to at least get you going! Clowns are hard to use, they scare most people! Good luck! thumbs_up.gif
You make sense of who I am, like puzzle pieces in Your hand.
You make sense of who I am, like puzzle pieces in Your hand.
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If your clown can be ethnic then not a problem. If not, one idea is to fill the cc with chocolate BC. Then ice the tops with your regular BC.

You could put a thin, flat layer of chocolate BC on the cc, then pipe red or orange swirls on top of that for the hair.

Other than that, I'm stumped.
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could you use the chocolate frosted cupcakes in place of polka dots on the hat and ruffles around the chin?

Or just give the clown plain chocolate coloured hair?
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