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Pregnant Mom Cakes

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I'm not sure if I'm the only one who feels this way, but I just think those pregnant mom belly cakes for baby showers are disgusting! I've seen many that are done impecably well and the cake decorator's talent is obvious, but just the concept of the boobs and prego belly make me grossed out a bit. I would never want to eat a piece of cake from that. Like I said, I have seen amazing work on these types of cakes, it's just the concept of the cake I don't understand as appealing or "cute". Am I alone?
We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. -Immanual Kant
We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. -Immanual Kant
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No, you're not.

And most expectant moms I know do not want a visual reminder of how big their tummy is right now.
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I actually like the belly cakes, but I can see why one wouldn't. Everyone has their own tastes and that's why there are gazillions of cakes here on CC. Personally, I don't like topsy turvy cakes or cakes with edible images of people. I can just imagine sitting there looking at my plate with the piece of cake that had aunt Lucy's face looking right at me.
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whew... I'm not alone. For some reason those cakes disturb me... I dunno, you're there to celebrate the baby's impending arrival, and you are cutting up the mother's belly? I always imagine you're killing the baby and eating it to celebrate it coming. lol.

I did make one (*sigh* not my choice, was doing it with a friend who really really really really wanted to make a belly cake and wouldn't back down on the choice. I ended up doing all of the work, save for the flowers on the band) and you can tell it isn't my best work.. although it was a good lesson never to collaborate with that friend again. (we "co-hosted" although I paid for everything, set it all up, had the party at my tiny apartment, and ran the party and games, and did the clean-up and well... she took half the credit.)

lol, can you tell I'm bitter? Sorry for getting off topic and venting. Don't think I'll make a belly cake again unless I'm paid for it!
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I could not agree more! They are awful. And worse yet - how about the ones that actually look like little babies. I saw one on here yesterday. The thought of cutting that up was stomach turning.
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I have a belly cake and a baby bum cake. I'm a double offender. Oh well. The people who requested them loved them.

I'm not offended. :p Different strokes ya know.
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I think the belly cakes are so cute. however I do see the other side to it too. I have been wanting to make one but haven't had the chance yet. I guess it comes down to the people you make it for. If THEY are grossed out about it or not.
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Nope..I dont like them either.
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I actually love them...but then, I love pregnant bellies and have had pregnant photo shoots and pregnant belly casting done!

As far as cutting into's just cake. If it's good cake, I can eat it no matter WHAT it looked like...icon_biggrin.gif I can eat Santa cakes at Christmas and lamb cakes at Easter and witch cakes at Halloween, too. I can eat the bridal dress cakes, too...

Now, the cakes that are litter box or toilets...I would still partake, but I don't like those. But then, they are completely different. A baby is joyous and happy...poop is just...well...poop. Besides, it's not like you are showing the mom popping out a placenta, too...

Basically, I will eat anything!
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Nope - totally not alone. I love my DS more than anything in the world but I did not enjoy being pregnant AT ALL and those cakes are not my thing.

But other people love them so as with anything, different strokes for different folks.
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Heee! They should always be red velvet cake...and have a hidden plastic baby inside for luck to the recipient who finds it??? (Don't they do that with King cakes?)

Yeah, kind of frightening thought cutting into any human-like cake But for some reason, a cake shaped like an animal doesn't disturb me so bad.
Make Life Sweet...Eat Cake!
Make Life Sweet...Eat Cake!
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yuck, I agree the talent is great but personally I don't care for them. The ones where the just do a silhouette are cute. But not for me, I wasn't one of those skinny things with a basketball stuffed under my shirt. My whole body was pregnant from my earlobes to my toes. So I wouldn't want a belly cake or the cute skinny with belly silhouette. The baby ones are weird to me too. A little figure is cute but I saw a whole baby on top of a 11x14 it covered the whole top, that would be weird to slice into.
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Are we allowed to post links on here?  I think the last cake in this post wins as the Best. Belly Cake. Ever!

If the link doesn't go through, check out Cake Wreck's post The Cake Cannibals. :)

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There Super Cute! and so fun to make! :) Iv had so many clients request them! I Love It!!!


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I saw some really disturbing ones on cake wrecks with the baby's head popping out of the belly, I often wonder if the moms are horrified! Here is a good one that has a lot of the same cakes
Btw the push cakes seem to be really popular, idk if I would ever make one though!
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