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Originally Posted by itsacake

I will be happy to post my recipe soon, SquirrellyCakes. It is just an adaptation of the Mousseline Buttercream in Rose Levy Berenbaum's "The Cake Bible," but it seems to work pretty well, and people like it.

Thanks, I think that it would benefit a lot of folks who likely were wondering how to get around the same issue.
Now I also have a question and I hope it won't appear as prying, it is really strictly out of a desire to be well-informed.
Is it acceptable for a person with your religious beliefs to purchase a cake from a person from a different religious background that would not keep a "kosher kitchen" even if they followed this recipe? I would think the answer would be no, because the kitchen would also be an issue with regards to what would be in the refrigerator and such. But I am truly curious.
I think it must be very difficult to adhere strictly to your beliefs in our present time and I greatly admire those that follow their religious or cultural heritage or beliefs in spite of this!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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Originally Posted by Mjmil7

Wow, these are all great tips and secrets! I mainly use the 1/2 butter, 1/2 shortening buttercream class recipe with usually 1/2 tsp. butter, vanilla and almond flavoring with a pinch of salt. Instead of milk, I sometimes use the french vanilla creamer. I would love to try the creme bouquet, butavan and bavarian creme flavorings in the future.

Squirrellycakes, I love reading your posts as well. You answer questions that I didn't know that I needed answers to. You're just like my mother-in-law in one sense--she always buys Christmas presents for me that I didn't know I needed, lol. Anyway, thanks for all the knowledge and experience that you share with all of us here at CC. I know it's greatly appreciated! I was looking to see if you had any photos, but see that you haven't. I would love to see some of your creations!

Thanks, Janice

Heehee, well thank you Janice, I can talk, can't I , haha! Longest poster in history, I think!
Sounds like you have a thoughtful mother-in-law, how lucky!
I do post the odd cake in posts, not in the picture gallery. I post pictures on another site, in the forums but I have never much liked posting pictures - just a thing I have. I am trying to get over it. Actually I posted a few pictures from about 20-30 years ago, that I just came across in an old photo album, that was sort of interesting for me to see them again. The first cake and such, haha!
Thanks for your kind comments!
Hugs Squirrely Cakes
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Originally Posted by witch_boots

Thanks for all the different secrets! I can't wait to start experimenting! I use 1/2 Crisco 1/2 butter (Smart Balance). I add a drop of butter extract due to the lack of 'real butter', haven't had any complaints if I forget it though! I agree that people that are used to 'icing in a can' will never compain about homemade! I had an issue where I ran out of time and couldn't whip up my own and actually used the store bought and....ugh!!! No complaints, but its way too sweet for me!!

I have a real problem with the icing melting while I working with it. I know its because my palm temperature runs high due to my natural reaction to birth control! I found information somewhere to keep a bowl of ice water and a towel next to the work area and when the buttercream starts to melt, dunk the hands in the ice water, dry off and start decorating again. I have done this with great success!!

If Smart Balance is a tub margarine that is fairly soft and spreadable right out of the container, that may well be more your problem with it getting too soft. You can buy a white baker's margarine if you prefer to use margarine and this may well hold up better for you.
Another trick is to have cold pop cans that you can hold to quickly cool your hands, haha or a cold can of beer that might not help with your decorating, haha!
I find too, that the Wilton Featherweight bags are better than the disposables if you have a tendency to have warm hands, I have the same problem!
Sometimes addding more icing sugar makes the icing more managable if your hands are hot, I use about 5 cups to 1 cup mixed fats as opposed to 4.
Hugs Squirrelly
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I think the risk of salmonella in eggs is less than 1%, so that is likely why most of us never have had this problem, still better to be safe when you are selling to the public. But I don't worry about what I keep at home either.
Interestingly, eggs that are 3-4 days old at least are the best when you want the greatest volume from the eggwhites. So that is something to keep in mind.
Well, as far as I am concerned, the Finnish people make some of the greatest pastries and cakes and desserts that you could ever want to try. I am not a fan of prunes, but my Finnish friends made these wonderful pastries with prune fillings that I wish I had the recipes for. I had two wonderful friends in a Northern Ontario town that actually followed me to another Northern Ontario town. They were wonderful bakers and I will always remember the year my father died close to Christmas time and they both showed up with all sorts of Christmas baking for me. That was the most thoughtful and delicious gift I ever received!
That little Finnish bakery made the most wonderful breads and cakes! Finnish rye bread is about the best thing going!
Hugs Squirrelly
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Originally Posted by beachcakes

Yes, llj68, if you wouldn't mind sharing your recipe, I'd also like to try it. icon_cool.gif My husband is of Finnish descent from the U.P. He doesn't care for the sweet icing either!

That's where my family is from. Copper Harbor, Hancock/Houghton area, to be exact!!!!

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DH's is from Marquette area. We just returned last week from a vacation up there. It sure is beautiful!
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Originally Posted by beachcakes

DH's is from Marquette area. We just returned last week from a vacation up there. It sure is beautiful!

I'm so jealous!! I haven't been to the UP since 2002--before I got pg with my last baby (she's 2 now). It's so hard to get away now with 2 kids.

My mom is up there and was heading towards Marquette yesterday or today.

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