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Help-creative way to identify cupcake flavor on tier

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Hi there.
I am doing a cupcake tier for a wedding next month and the bride asked for a way to identify the flavors.
I am doing 3 flavors, Vanilla w/pink frosting, Lemon with lighter pink frosting & Coconut with white frosting. I thought of using picks but on each one?? That would be very distracting in my opinion. I then thought of a cute frame with the flavors wrtten out, but since she wants pink/white theme, they don't look like their flavor. At a loss? I am looking for pics on the web, can't find one. Help anyone.
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A large silver frame ( menu ) identifying the flavors of each tier seems classy to me. Make sure it is large enough to read, and each is clearly identifiable
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I recently did a cupcake table with 4 diff kinds, they were all different colors though so I used a menu on the side in a fram. Obviously the yellow one was lemon, the brown one was chocolate, etc.

What if you were to do a small RI flower on each flavor that would correspond with a picture on the printed menu.

for example you could do a pink apple blossom for the vanilla, a white drop flower for the lemon and a rose bud for the coconut.

what if you just put one of each flavor on the top tier with a pick in them, then they could identify the rest by the top.
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I think I will do the frame with menu idea.
IN the future I like the different flower idea with a corresponding menu to match. Unfortunatly I can't do this one like that as I will be placing a Mother's frosted Animal cookie on each of them...yes, you read correctly. She is having the wedding at a large zoo. Interesting huh? I actually looked on the wesbite of the zoo and the pictures and food look amazing. So you just never know. She is a young bride and this is what she wants. It will look cute. And I am adding a small cakeon top of the tier.
Thanks for the suggestions.
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Depending on what type of display you are using, could you color coordinate the surface with the appropriate cupcake? For example, put the vanilla cupcakes on a white board for the top tier, the lemon cupcakes on a yellow board for the middle tier, and the coconut cupcakes on a pink board on the bottom tier? Or could you use different colored cupcake wrappers?
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What I usually do is to make little cut out candy clay flowers to ID flavors. Yellow for lemon, pink for raspberry, orange for carrot, chocolate for chocolate, etc. Then have a menu on the side with the corresponding flower next to the description. It works well and is a pretty display
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