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I found some Highlighter on the Global Sugar Art website by searching for highlighter. HTH
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I looked at the Highlighter on Global Sugar Art, and it says it's non-edible. Is there anything out there that IS edible that will give you the beautiful gold/silver look?
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I have several in my gallery. if it's a design painted on, i mix super gold lustre dust with almond extract and paint on the design. If it is for a bigger area (i have a red and gold cake in my gallery you can look at) i started with light yellow fondant, then just brushed on the super gold dust in powder form while the fondant was still fresh. It was brilliantly gold. but for little swirls or whatever, yes i mix it and paint it. I get the super gold at global sugar art too.
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I just used the silver highlighter mixed with confectioner's glaze for my giraffe cake....and asked the cake store about the non-edible label. I was told that although they put that on there, you'd have to down the whole little container and it might upset your stomach then, but it's really negligible...the way I figured, the fondant gets peeled off half the time,
On a side note, maybe I'm a cake nerd, but I LOVED the highlighter, and swore I was going to have a completely silver cake before it was all said and done. icon_smile.gif
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I use liquid airbrush color. None of my posted picks have gold, but the handles on my pig purse cake do - the gold has the same effect. It's super easy and inexpensive. No mixing involved.
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Where do I buy Sparkle dust Metalic cake Paint

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you can find the gold highlighter dust on global sugar art

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