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painting on fondant

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How do I paint on fondant? I see wonderful watercolor looking designs and I want to know/learn how to do that. Anyone know of tutorials or has done this and can share with me...please.
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I would love to know, too!!
When the going gets tough, the tough start baking!
When the going gets tough, the tough start baking!
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I'm with you guys....I also would like to know how to do this.
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i have not painted on a fondant cake yet.... but i do one stroke painting on fondant coverd cookies.... i have been taking one stroke lessons for 3 yrs... they use to teach at them at michaels.. now they don,t... i go to a ladies house twice a month for her to refresh me on some and to teach me new flowers etc.... in our cake meetings here, i have taught one stroke flowers... snowman.. candle ... greenery..etc.. they enjoyed it.. and then they painted their fondant covered cookies... it was fun... i also went to several one stroke camps that came in my area... they also had a project with the americolor icing colors and that was fun we did the daffodil that day... if you are interested in one stroke ... go to click on find teacher... type in your town and state.. and info will come up as to where something would be to help you with one stroke painting ... i had never painted before in my life... i was frist introduced to it by laurel' silverburg at an ices convention several years ago.... she also had or still has the business? then her lates site is if i spelled that right? hth
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Hope this helps!

Here is what I found online:

Edible Paints
Brush-On Colors:
These are ready-to-use edible decorating paints that add vivid color finishes to plain fondant shapes. Just pour the paint into the Color Tray, then brush on to fondant-covered cake or fondant shapes. In seconds, you can add brilliant designs in a rainbow of bright colors.

Look no further... here they are
EDIBLE PAINTSBLUE Brush-On<br>Edible Paint<br>Ready-To-Use

Note from Editor:
I keep one of each color in my
refrigerator -- so fun to color up
dessert treats anytime and quickly.

Painting techniques are very simple,
even for the person who thinks they
cannot draw or paint


1. Bevel Tip:
Use the bevel tip brush to create exciting shading effects.

2. Square Tip:
Use the square tip brush for lace-look brush embroidery. Draw design with Icing Writer, then pull outlines toward center with brush.

3. Round Tip:
Use the round tip brush to paint pretty free-hand designs.
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Hi Kristina 67!

I made a Collet´s cake and learned there how to paint fondant. The teacher taught us to use gel paste colors (we used AmeriColor) and dissolve with a little water ( or you can use vodka or lemon extract). I used a flat paintbrush to paint that cake, but the kind of paintbrush depends on what you want to paint. (you can see that cake in my gallery, it´s the topsy-turvy cake).

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Thanks everyone! I didn't even think to "google"it. I can't wait to give it a try. Do you think any paste color would work? I can only buy wilton brand here locally.
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Painting cakes is my favorite!!!!! Its so much fun. I use color gels, vodka, and a variety of brushes. Good luck and have fun!
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