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hula girl figure

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has anybody made a gumpaste figure of a hula girl? im trying to make one,but cannot get the legs and arms to come out right... ok, well i guess the whole thing looks wierd. i want it to be a stand up figure, and mine keeps tilting forward.anyway im going to start all over again,but was hoping to find a picture of one to go by. any help would be appreciated!!

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I can't help you, but I need to know as well. I have a Hawaiian themed cake due in July. Hopefully someone can help us!!!
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Wow, big theme. I have a cake due in July as well with the very same thing. I was thinking:

Use the mini wonder mold for the base, maybe cut it down a bit to make the grass skirt hang straighter. Use fondant for the grass skirt. use the Fairy tutorial modified to make the upper portion of the hula girls body.

I was just checking on here to see if anyone had already done one, and found this post. icon_smile.gif

Good luck!
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Depending on what size Hula girl you want, you may be able to use the mini-wonder mold pan with a doll pick like kwcraft said. Here is a hula girl that I made using the full size wondermold pan that you could easily scale down with the mini wonder-mold.

If you want to make the whole thing out of gumpaste or fondant you can make a body and then use a clay extruder to make fondant ropes for a grass skirt.
"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."-Victor Borge
"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."-Victor Borge
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I'd like to make mine out of gumpaste.... does anyone know of a tutorial or template to make a gumpaste body? This will be my first time attempting any kind of figures. I'd love to be able to practice a bit before the actual cake is due. Thanks again.
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thanks kwcaft and indigojods, i like the idea of buying a doll pick and using a mini wonder mold for the bottom half. i did want mine to be small to go on to a sheet cake with other decorations,so this should work for me. indigojods, you did your grass skirt will buttercream? did you use the grass tip for that? anyway thanks for your ideas!!
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When I make mine, I'm using the Fondant Fairy tutorial, but was planning to use gumpaste in place of the fondant. Heres a link to the fairy tutorial, just a little modification for making them stand up and hula is all thats needed:

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I was thinking the mini-wonder mold too. here's instructions from wilton using buttercream for the skirt
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I recently did a hula girl cake and cupcake and I made the figures out of gumpaste and fondant in several pieces and poked a hole through the center of the pices and used RI to attatch them to each other after putting a scewer through the body parts.. does that make sense? lol.. like, I made the legs, arms, torso, and head separatly and then put a scewer down through them and secured with RI.. Yes.. lol... It's in my pics if you want to take a look... good luck!!!
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BREN28 - yep I made the grass skirt with buttercream and a grass tip. It was super easy!
"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."-Victor Borge
"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."-Victor Borge
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thanks everybody for your ideas, cake is due in july,so i'll have time to practice these different ideas!!
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I just posted a hula girl figurine. I think her arms and legs are a little chunky but they stayed put. I made the whole figurine out of gumpaste. I put a toothpick in her head to support the head then attached it to the body. I shaped the body including the arms and legs from a rectangular piece of gumpaste. I shoved a bamboo skewer up the body for support and pushed the other end into the cake. While it was drying I propped up her right arm with a toothpick to help it dry in the position I wanted. I have a picture of just my hula girl that I could email you if you wish.

The cake is

Good luck and have fun
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I did my Hula girls a lot like sugarplumfairycanada did. I made all of her body parts and put spaghetti in them and then glued them to her body with glue made of meringue powder and water. I put a bamboo skewer through her body and stuck it into some styrofoam while I built and dressed them.
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