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Fondant cupcake topper

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I have been making cupcakes for a while, but I have always been a buttercream girl at heart. I have made MMF a few times, but without very exciting results.

I have been asked to make 75 wedding cupcakes for a good friend who's having a reception. She wants white frosting, and a tiny forget-me-not on top, which to me sounds gorgeous. I want to make tiny little fondant flowers, but I'm totally new to the fondant issue. Do I put them on top of the cake soft? Do I let them harden and then use them? If I let them harden, will they be edible? If not, how do I tell people not to eat part of the cupcake? LOL Also, how do you make it so that the centers of your fondant flowers are darker or lighter than the outsides? I've been looking and looking with out much success, so I'm really hoping that there's someone out there who can throw me a rope lol. Thanks so much!

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You can put them on soft but if you want them to keep their shape I would mix a small amount of gumpaste into the fondant, (not too much as it makes the taste a bit yuck!) and form the flowers and let them dry for a day or so, as for the darker petals the only way to do that for fondant is by airbrushing or painting them with some icing colour thinned with vodka, unless one of our pro's knows another way? icon_confused.gif
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I would personally let the flowers dry. It definitely won't break a person's tooth if they eat it and most probably will pick off the flowers anyway.

One idea to try for the color variation is dying a batch of fondant darker than another batch. This way there is a subtle lightening.
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there going to be so small you can put them directly on the icing. but to save time make them while your cakes are baking,they will dry up a little bit but will still be totally edible. wilton used to have a little plunger type cutter that would make a perfect small forgetmeknow, that would be the quickest way.
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Thanks so much everyone. I'm feeling a little better about it. I have never really eaten fondant, other than MMF dried or not, so I guess I just need to bite the bullet and do it lol
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I've made a few flowers and other things from fondant for my cupcakes. I usually only have time to work at night after the kids go to bed, so I usually make my fondant decorations a few days in advance. They dry nicely, but are still very edible. Especially since they tend to soften up a little once they are on the buttercream (the moisture from the buttercream makes they soft)

I've used several different cutters for flowers and they are very easy. (They're in my photos if you wanted to peak for some examples)
Painting on luster dust or any other color would be so pretty.

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