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how long to dry MMF

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I made MMF butterflies for a cake and was wondering how long it would take for them to dry, and when do I need to attach them to the sticks with the royal icing so that will dry. I made the butterflies Monday night, and they are for a cake on 8-20. Thanks

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I'm not a pro at the mmf, but i do use it often. I would think the butterflies would be dry if 48 hrs top. 24 hours should do it but it you want to be safe you could give it another day. I would give the royal icing another 24 hrs to dry. You have plenty of time though, since you have until 8/20. Good luck!! icon_rolleyes.gif
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i live in NC pretty high humidity here and my MMF takes a full 48 hours to dry. For something I really want to make sure is totally dry like bow pieces I let them dry at least 3 days sometimes a week.
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Just did mmf cake with flowers and banner. I live in Colorado, so it is much dryer here usually..although lately in house has been about 50-60% humidity due to rains. Made decorations one night and used 24 hrs later and they were hard. Sometimes to make alittle harder I've added alittle gum-tex...but it does change consistency some.

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MMF drying time depends on humidity. I made fondant flip flops for the cake in my photos six days ahead of time and they never dried! As I only have AC in one room, I kept them in there and they hardened a bit, but as soon as they came out of that room, they sucked all the moisture out of the air and became soft. Hopefully, you won't have the same problem!
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