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Non-refrigerated pudding filling?

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I had a request for a graduation cake with pudding filling but it will not be refrigerated for 2-3 days. It will be covered in fondant so I am not worried about the cake but I am not sure about a recipe for a pudding type filling that does not need to be refrigerated. I have looked through the site and have found lots of info on ganaches, preserves and BC fillings but not on puddings (Thanks to JanH for the EXTENSIVE lists of CC posts!) Any advise or recipes would be great! Thanks!
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wendalynn11, you're very welcome. Glad you found the links helpful!

There is no way to make a true pudding filling that doesn't require refrigertion. icon_sad.gif

Replacing the milk with non-dairy products like Cool-Whip doesn't help:
(Non-dairy doesn't always mean shelf stable.)
(See butternut's post.)
(See flayvurdfun's post.)

The sleeved pastry filling in bavarian/chocolate cream may work for you:

A faux bavarian cream/mousse filling can be made using Rich's Bettercreme and ShirleyW's recipe:

Everything you ever wanted to know about Rich's Bettercreme (Pastry Pride):
(Has other recipes and lots more info.)

Rich's Bettercreme handling instructions:

Rich's Bettercreme Cake Pros newsletter:

Decorating with Pastry Pride:

Rich's Bettercreme is also made in a chocolate flavor, but I've never seen it!

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I have thought about this before and never posted. Would those premade puddings in the grocery stores work? Not the ones in the dairy case but the ones that aren't refridgerated. Anyone know what I am talking about??
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The pudding cups are aseptically packaged so they don't require refrigeration.

Upon breaking the seal, any unused portion requires refrigeration. icon_smile.gif

(Same is true of aseptically packaged milk cartons.)

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JanH, you are amazing...thanks so much!!! Armywifebryan, I was wondering the same about the pudding containers and looked at them today at the store, glad I did not buy them.
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