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Cakes and Cameras

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Probably not going to make many friends with this comment..but i get frustrated when i see for example: a bow, a figure, a flower, and then the whole cake....and i have written this before..the sketches....sometimes there are 3 or 4 me, anyone can draw a pict of a cake...but making it thats what i want to see....the color choices, the new techniques that may have been used....the real thing....and i know cupcakes can be different but a grouping of 4 or 5 different cupcakes in one picture can show all the detail....i dont know how some of the duplicate pictures even happen....i have tried to post twice, only because i wasnt sure my first posting "took" and was informed that i could only post a cake once....

just one more thing....didnt we used to be able to email pictures...i dont see that option anymore..
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All of my photos apart from one have been deleted. I understand the rules and why this has been done. However i posted a picture last night and it was just one picture but that has been deleted as well. Will some pictures be put back? Can i put it back on again, if it is just one picture?
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What is happening to all the pictures??? All my cake pictures are gone....why?
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Why are some deleted. I see other people have there pics, I have NONE
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all my cake pics are gone! all of themicon_sad.gif
"I don't want to face my fears. I'm afraid of them!" ~SpongeBob
"I don't want to face my fears. I'm afraid of them!" ~SpongeBob
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all of my pics are gone also. i will not be uploading anymore pics ..just about all of my fav. pics are gone.. too bad....
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Mine are gone too.... It's not like I have many but they are all gone. icon_sad.gif The pictures I saves as favorites are gone too. icon_sad.gif Did someone mess up? icon_cry.gif
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yes I would liek to know why EVERY single one of my pictures is gone, I too understand the rules, but wh yare they all gone?

Im not going back and re uploading them.... im kind of upset because one of my pictures I had about 12 favs... I never get favs.

Also about 95% of my favs are gone..... I wish we could have gotten a real warning... Why wasnt it glued to the top like the "how to behave" Then I would have seen it and saved all of my favorite pictures....

Even if these people go back and re-upload them, you cant remember all of them.
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I am upset too! I only had four pictures uploaded of the four cakes I have done (one of each cake). Now they are gone and they were all I had, so I guess they are lost forever. I can understand deleting duplicates, but why delete when there was only one?

And like the previous poster, someone selected a couple of them as favs which really made my day to see every once in a while (especially when I start doubting my abilities). It does not seem fair that others are able to keep their pictures.

Please tell me this is an error of some kind????? icon_cry.gif
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I wouldn't panic about your photos yet! This has happened about 3x since I became a member - I believe it is just a quirk tht Heath and Jackie are most likely working on.

When I first logged on this morning I got the "updating the site" page, give them time. I'm sure it'll all work out.
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yes, why isnt this being told?

It says duplicates... not Your only one......
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so you tyhink that they will be back?

Thank you for clearing that up...
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Th original date for this thread was May 2008.
Sometimes when they are updating things on CC the pictures disappear for a while and then they return! icon_smile.gif

"In God I have put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me." Psalms 56:11

"In God I have put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me." Psalms 56:11
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Usually when performing updates there is a notice on the home page that tells us that. I don't see a notice...I sure hope my photos return along with the ones I've saved in my favs or I will be finding a new cake site!!
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