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Originally Posted by LaBellaFlor

Only you or the moderators can delete your post. Moderators are not going to delete your post unless you are being very, very, very, very , VERY inappropiate. no reason to have hurt feelings. icon_smile.gif

That's what I was thinking, but I hadn't gotten on since I had posted it. And I was giving my suggestions about fondant stripes. I dunno...maybe I come to this site so much that I grabbed my iPod in the middle of the night and deleted it... =|
What was strange too was that you know how you automatically get notified of new posts once you've made a reply? Well, that's what I got this morning. So that's when I went to the forum and saw I was no longer there. Well, water under the bridge. Thanks for the reply LaBellaFlor.
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Wow!!! a lot of post since I did my last one! Thanks all! It makes me feel better! =)
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(From the Technical forum)
Originally Posted by Jackie

I am in the process of fixing some server issues. The photos are not gone. There is currently some sort of display issue I should have worked out shortly.


I'm locking this thread (temporarily) because it has nothing to do with flayvurdfun's explanation of the cake picture policy.

Please feel free to start a new thread on this subject.
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