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I am moving to Bismarck, North Dakota in a few weeks and have not found any info on baking cakes at home. Any one know that answer, I couldnt get Kellys info to open up for me.
Thank you.
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According to the chart it is not legal in North Dakota to bake in your home kitchen for sale to the public. Sorry. icon_sad.gif
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Thank you, I had a feeling it wasnt icon_cry.gif
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hi im in NY..............does anyone know if i can bake from my home kitchen, i cant download the form for some reason icon_confused.gif
thanks mary
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does anyone have any info on the state of Connecticut?
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This is on the Vermont statutes: EXCEPTIONS. The provisions of this subchapter shall not apply to individuals manufacturing in and selling from their own private home kitchens, bread, cakes, pies or other food products made either wholly or in part from flour whose average gross retail sales of such products do not exceed $125.00 a week, nor to restaurants, inns or hotels subject to the provisions of subchapter 2 of this chapter, nor to church, fraternal or charitable food sales.
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I can't find the list. What about Mississippi? Is it legal to sell from your home?
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We haven't figured it out for Connecticut yet as far as I can see.

New York varies by county so call your department of agriculture and see what they say.

Unfortunately Mississippi doesn't allow home kitchens at all.
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Does anyone know about Wisconsin & Indiana? I can't get the download to work.
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Both Indy and Wisconsin do not allow home kitchens... sorry the news isn't better.

I never have a problem getting it to open like most people seem to. Just click where it says Download on the right and click open and it pops up every time. Not that I mind looking it up though. icon_smile.gif
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Does anyone know the laws in Canada?????
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I can't get it to open either. No matter what program I tried to open it in. What does it say for Illinois?
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Illinois is a no.
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I cant seem to get it to open. How about wyoming?
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I have NO idea why so many people are having trouble opening the spreadsheet! icon_cry.gif It works for me, and as far as I know, there's nothing special about my computer, icon_wink.gif so I don't know what gives. I'm going to post the info here in text format so we can work around this problem.

Again...please only post here with corrections or new information. Questions about a specific county/state/country should be posted in a new thread where you have the best chance of someone who can help you seeing it. icon_biggrin.gif

Alabama - No
Alaska - No info yet
Arizona - No -
Arkansas - No - 501-661-2171
California - No
Colorado - No -- Separate kitchen required
Connecticut - ?? -
Delaware - No info yet
Florida - No
Georgia - No
Hawaii - No info yet
Idaho - No
Illinois - No
Indiana - No
Iowa - Yes
Kansas - ?? -
Kentucky - ?? -
Louisiana - No
Maine - Yes -
Maryland - No
Massachusetts - Yes
Michigan - No (517) 373-1060
Minnesota - No
Mississippi - No,3432,77,311.html
Missouri - Varies by county
Montana - No info yet
Nebraska - ?? -
Nevada - No
New Hampshire - Yes
New Jersey - No
New Mexico - No
New York - Varies by County
North Carolina - Yes
North Dakota - No
Ohio - Yes
Oklahoma - No
Oregon - Yes -
Pennsylvania - Varies by county -
Rhode Island - No info yet
South Carolina - No
South Dakota - No
Tennessee - Varies by county -
Texas - No
Utah - Yes
Vermont - Yes
Virginia - Yes 804-786-3520
Washington - Varies by County
West Virginia - Varies by County
Wisconsin - No
Wyoming - No
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