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I have an updated list in PDF format but I'm getting an error when I try to attach them. Will try again soon.
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Thanks, Kelley! With a move coming up, this is very sincerely appreciated! icon_biggrin.gif
"I think every woman should have a blowtorch." - Julia Child
"I think every woman should have a blowtorch." - Julia Child
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How about NC?
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Does anyone know about laws in Canada?

Where would I find out? I'm really new to this.

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The state of Wyoming passed a cottage food law effective July 1, 2009.
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Does this list also apply for an Internet Baking business? I am from IL and right now I can't open a shop, but I was looking to maybe do something online out of my home. However, IL does not allow a home baking business. But I was just was wondering if that applies to only selling online. I would appreciate anyone that could help with that.


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I am new and trying to find information for IL. I don't even know where to begin -- can anyone help. I'm specifically looking for what type of food license is needed. From the post above, it doesn't look too promising.
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I live in Wi and I was wondreing if any one knows what the fine would be if you were to get caught selling without a license? I love baking cakes and I get so many requests. We only have one bakery in my town with a population of 59,000. (Not to mention the smaller cities that surround it) I'm getting tired of turning people away. The whole thing does not make any sense to me. Does anyone else live in Wi? What are the rules? It's not like I'm out to make a fortune, I just want to make a few cakes now and then.
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FYI to Missouri interested parties.... I called the health dept today and was told a home based cake decorating business would require me to have a separate room or building on the property with a separate entrance from the main house and would of course need to pass inspection by the health dept. I'm not sure what I will do at this point. icon_sad.gif Still researching to see if there is any way around it.
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Oh! I'm sorry to hear about your bad news Layerofcakes. I think I have the same problem here in Wi. It just doesn't make sense. There has to be away around it.
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I have seen a few posts throughout this entire thread requesting information on Canada, and I haven't seen any response. Does anyone know as of yet what the requirements are or stipulations? I'd be interested in Ontario information specifically since that's where I reside at this point in time.

If no one knows then maybe I'll go on the hunt to find this information out. I wouldn't say I'm ready to go into business tomorrow but having the information handy would be great either way.
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Ok in just doing some brief research on this topic (sheer curiosity), I found this link here:

Might be helpful for those looking for Ontario advice. Living in Ottawa I'll need to give a call around to find out what the specifics are. thumbs_up.gif
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Well crap. I'm in the process of seeing how my neighbor does it. She' doesn't have separate entrance etc...I don't think I'm at that taking it to big business level but I wanna know if it can be done...eventually.
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Can someone tell me about new jersey....I don't have excel and can't open the file...thanks
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Sorry!! Princesscatt, New Jersey is a "NO". Regulated by the Dept of Health thumbsdown.gif
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