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Are you looking for a choc cake recipe? Toba Garrett's is a good cake. It's simple too, dump everything in the bowl, mix, and pour. LOL I was very leary at first, but it has worked a couple of times for me. I'll post it this afternoon if you need it. I think it's in the "Well Decorated Cake" book.

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Thanks, I have that book. I will try that one next!
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How frustrating! I'm sorry it didn't work out Merissa...the sticking is baffling me.

I haven't tried Toba's chocolate cake but I've tried her yellow from that book and it was pretty decent.

I also love this one I found on allrecipes:

The only thing I do different is double the amount of chocolate. I love the taste and texture.

I also agree with having your ingredients be room temp.
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Yeah, I don't know what is going on. Someone else pm'ed my and said they had the same problem I did. It's a mystery. WAs I supposed to wait until the batter cooled down before pouring it into the pan?

Thanks for still watching this thread. I still appreciate the help and tips. I might not make another scratch for awhile. I am starting to get busy with a couple of cakes and xmas baking. I don't have lots of time to spare to make mistakes!
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Originally Posted by merissa

Thanks for the additional tips! I do want to get the cake bible. (I was supposed to for my b-day. My DH forgot to put the shipping address in when he ordered from amazon. How do they let you order without an address?? Weeks went by and finally amazon contacted us and cancelled the order because of no address. I jsut never got around to re-ordering it.) Anywho...Maybe I will try the Hersheys cake next. What happens if I sub AP for cake flour, do I add or subtract a certain amount?

You've got to find a Half Price Book Store in your area, or order online. I've seen most of those cake book there, and they are half as much money! Cheers.
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pat me on the back everyone!! I made an apple cinnamon cake with brown sugar buttercream from the new Elisa Strauss book and I liked it!!
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I have all the usual cake books, the one I use the most and is my favorite is "cakelove" by Warren Brown. He has many flavors that are usually not in books. My favorite is a maple pound cake with butter pecan frosting. He does a lot of cakes in bundt pans, which is a good way to start getting used to the different textures of some scratch cakes. Since I grew up with scratch cakes I tend to like my cakes on the drier side. My daughter who is 17, is used to eating her meals at school, where they are moister. i think the trend went to moister cakes, as they last much longer. Warren brown was also on food network, i believe you can find one of his recipes there also.
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Hi Merissa,

I'm not sure if you've seen these, but here's a couple threads for "best" scratch cakes used by cc'ers.

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Oh hi, thanks! I guess I hadnt been notified of replies for awhile. GUESS WHAT? I tried Toba's cake and I love it! So now I am up to two scratch cakes (apple cinnamon-Elisa Strauss and Toba's chocolate fudge) I also have a brownie from scratch too. whoopee, I am on a roll. Actually the other day I made Elisa Strauss chocolate cake...okay. It was a little dry for me, but okay. Now I guess I will try out white cakes. I will look at the link above too. thanks everyone!
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okay so I am really starting to get into this! I just had to say that I made Toba's Lemon Coconut cake! Yum! I also did make her carrot cake. Good...but maybe just a teeny tiny bit too sweet for me. But I might give that one another go. I think I might have loaded it with a bit too much buttercream. so it might have been the icing rather than the cake in this instance. I guess I am having good luck with her recipes. Thanks a lot for the continued help everyone. I think I have to start looking at a white cake now.
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In case anyone is still reading this thread I made the WBH golden butter cake and I *think* I like that one too! I only made a 1/2 batch into cupcakes, because I am getting fat testing recipes icon_lol.gif . So far so good, they taste good and are moist. I hope the cake can retain the moisture. Anyone else use/try this recipe?
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