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Thats wonderful! I have some arthritis going on in my thumb and hand. what a huge difference this will make.
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Once again, Happybug98, "Thank you". A special thanks for saying I can email you. The tip with coloring is a big help, and, yes, I am such a klutz I will be careful! icon_redface.gif I have some old notes that I printed before CC crashed, and Indydebi had written, "If the mmf give me ANY attitude, I nuke it for 10-15 seconds until it's nice and soft and bends to my will." So, I quess you can just microwave it in small intervals forever??? Two more question, please. I am not going to need this for two weeks. Do you think if I make it tomorrow (Saturday) and it turns out OK, I can use the foodsaver vaccum sealer and it will still be good in a couple of weeks. If yes, should it be refrigerated until I use it? I believe that Indydebi also said that she makes it darker than she is going to need. Do you? I am trying to match some napkins that will be used at the birthday party, and if it is going to fade, I need to make it a little darker. Thanks again....have a great weekend.
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wow, this is some great advise. I haven't made many cookies with anything other than antonia icing. I really should venture more into the mmf, I like the taste of rolled buttercream. I think most people don't mind the texture difference when it is on a cookie versus on a cake. thanks
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I think you should be o.k. to make it early as long as you seal it well. I usually make mine the week that I need it so I am not completely certain though. I usually put mine in a ziploc storage bags and then in a plastic storage container. icon_smile.gif
Life is too short to not eat a cookie or two.
Life is too short to not eat a cookie or two.
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I'm sure that as long as it is sealed correctly like happybug98 said, it will be fine for a long time. I always seem to use it all at once. thats my problem. It just doesn't go far enough.
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Thank you!
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I use Rhonda's Ultimate MMF and I like mine to be a week old when I use it. So I keep it made up all the time (just in case I feel like baking cookies). icon_biggrin.gif So it will be fine and there is no need to refrigerate it. Just make sure it is wrapped air tight. I usually grease it then double wrap in plastic wrap and put it in a zip lock bag
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Thanks linedancer...If you or Happybug98 could please answer one more question...I have just made a couple of batches of Rhonda's Ultimate MMF. I couldn't get them to accept all of the sugar. I had approximately a cup left with each batch when I felt like the fondant was "done". It didn't seem like it would accept anymore. What are the consequences of not having put enough sugar??? icon_confused.gif Also, I'm curious as to why it would be better in a week. I was already wondering why everyone says to let it sit over night, much less a week? Is there a chance that after I cut the fondant to put on cookie that it will "shrink". If I see that it is too elastic when I start to use it, can I then knead in more sugar? Oops.....I lied...more than one question! icon_lol.gif Just trying to learn. Thanks so much for the responses and sharing your knowledge!
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Judydp- I always seem to have the same problem that you have had in that I can never seem to use all of the cups of powdered sugar. I can usually get it to accept more by microwaving it a little bit more to where it is almost close to becoming a liquid again during the initial kneading stage But it is o.k. if it does not accept more sugar. I try to use as much as I can. You can work with the MMF right away but I think the consistency is better if is has sat a little bit. I find that it can tear easier the first night as opposed to the next day. It is really just a matter of preference. I usually make a big batch use it when I first make and then save the rest for later. You just never know when you might want to make more cookies.

Jill icon_biggrin.gif

P.s. I do not refrigerate my MMF either. I forgot to put that in my post from earlier.
Life is too short to not eat a cookie or two.
Life is too short to not eat a cookie or two.
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Also one more thing...I have never had a problem with mine shrinking. icon_rolleyes.gif
Life is too short to not eat a cookie or two.
Life is too short to not eat a cookie or two.
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Thanks Happybug98...for all of your help. Well, I made it and thought that I would just see what I could do with it tonight. When I cut my piece with the cookie cutter it kind'of sealed it to the surface...along the edges where I put pressure on the cutter. So, then it stretched when I had to coax it up with the spatula. icon_mad.gif I rolled it 1/8" thick. Maybe I should roll it thicker. icon_confused.gif I don't know about this MMF. I thought it would go alot faster than flooding........but icon_cry.gif I think that it is going to take a little practice. Also, I tried it in my "bead maker" thingy where you can make pearls, but it wasn't stiff enough to mold perfectly...just kind'of stayed in the mold. I simply don't know how I can get more sugar in it, but on the next batch I will MAKE it take it! Once again....Thanks to all for the help! thumbs_up.gif
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I always have a little powdered sugar left. One thing I found I was mixing it in too small of a bowl. When I went to a bigger one, it was easier to get the powdered sugar mixed in because I wasn't worried about spilling it everywhere.

Also with the trouble you are having with lifting the fondant after it is cut, I have a couple of things I do to make it easier. Is is also mostly why I like mine to sit for a week , if I can. It seems to be more pliable as opposed to being stretchy, if that makes sense.

I went to JoAnns and got a yard of heavy clear vinyl and cut it into about 12 inch squares. I grease the square with crisco, wipe it off with a paper napkin, put some fondant on to it, dust the fondant with a little corn starch, and roll the fondant with a silicone rolling pin. I bought the rolling pin at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $7. It is the kind that spins around while you are holding the handles, if you know what I mean. I do not like the fondant rollers with no handles.

Then I cut out the fondant, let it sit for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, using that time mostly to roll out and cut some more. I find that leaving it sit helps with the handling, it dries a bit and is more managable. The small vinyl square lets you kind of peel the fondant off, like a label, it doesn't distort quite as much. I don't do very many cookies at a time, maybe a dozen or so before I start the process over.

I use thinned karo syrup to adhere the fondant to the cookie. Have found that the thinner the better, straight out of the bottle is way to thick.
I brush it on with a fairly good size artist brush, bought at Michaels, not very expensive. When it is thinner, it kind of soaks into the cookie, doesn't make a mess on the fondant, but it still adheres very well.

I wouldn't roll it any thicker than 1/8 in, that begins to make alot of icing on a cookie.

I just roll my pearls by hand, it is easy and cheap. I think you will like MMF once you get the hang of it. It is alot of fun. Hope some of this helps.
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Can someone tell me where the recipe for Rhondas MMF is located? I did a search using this title and came up with other MMF recipes, but didn't see anything listed using this name. Thanks.
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linedancer..."Thank You" for all of the info. Everything you said makes sense. In Marsha Winbeckler's book "Decorating With Rolled Buttercream Icing", she suggested rolling it on clear 12-gauge upholstery plastic, of which, I promptly ran out and bought. icon_lol.gif So, I will try that. I didn't know that Bed, Bath, and Beyond had the silicon rolling pin so cheap. I have both the sizes of Wiltons, and don't really like the large one either. QUESTION: When you dust with cornstarch...Will it fade away from the surface of icing? I noticed after I finished the cookie surface had different areas of shine. Does that make sense. There weren't really finger prints, but just not quite the same all over. I believe that I had read on CC where someone went over the surface lightly with Crisco??? I've read so much I could never find it again. Anyway...THANKS AGAIN thumbs_up.gif . I had better get my photo printer hooked up and see if I can make photo cookies. Pretty soon I will have taken over the board with all of my question. icon_eek.gif Hope the answers are helping others along the way!!!
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