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Originally Posted by fiddlesticks

Honeydukes ....You are really organized !!

It's the only part of my life that is!!! I can tell you where my heart with wings cutter is, but I can't find my favorite summer purse, mini tripod, ...
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Honeydukes.. Im right there with ya ! I have 6/20qt tubs with all of my cutters in them and a list on each tub saying whats in it ! But your one up on me with th rest of it ! Then again , I also cant find my favorite pair of summer shorts etc ! I have been wanting to look for, just in case the weather gets nice ! I hope I still fit into them ! But back to the cutters ! I still have to hunt through each tub for a certain cutter , even if that tub is all xmas, or food shapes etc ! Grrrrrrrrr!
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I have mine in plastic containers like many have said, but I HATE it! It annoys me to no end, digging through the whole containe to get one cutter out! I would love love love to have them hanging by pegs in the kitchen, but there is no wall space for that.
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WOW!!! Thank you for all your help! I have some work ahead of me now!! icon_smile.gif
Friends in Christ are Friends Forever.....
Friends in Christ are Friends Forever.....
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I have 100's of cutters now too......someone sugessted to do a spread sheet and big zip lock bags
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I go to the dollar store and buy "plastic shoe boxes".  I label each one with what type, like most of you do and I also number them, since I might have two of Christmas, but didn't need another shoe box until later.  That way I can cross reference by box number or box name.  Instead of tracing my cutters, I take a digital picture and print it out on my b/w printer.  As for cookie cutters that come in big boxes (like the Williams-Sonoma star wars), I keep them in the box.  I then put them in a BIG (4' X 2') rubbermaid tub, which I label on the outside.  Also, I try to buy colored tubs (orange, red, to put each category of cutters in ( like orange for Halloween), since I don't have a lot of storage space, the tubs go out in the garage.  Each tub is labeled with what number shoe box is in it.  I also do this with most of my baking equipment also.


By the way, when I print my pictures out, I print to PDF first, because it can be opened on almost anything.  I have a Sony tablet that I take with me every where and if I want to look at my list, all I have to do is open the PDF.  I'm also thinking about making a database, so I can search for them easily.


By the way, I just found out that if you go to:


You get

Little Miss Muffin Pets Foil Bag

that comes with a little toy and a cookie cutter for .98 cents.  You won't know which one you will get, but if you can manage ordering 20-30, you should get at least one set of each one and probably two sets.  These also make nice party favors for little kids or girls.


Have a good day


Oh yeah, other than copper gifts, does any one know where I can buy a scalloped square cc?  I refuse to pay $15 for one cc.

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I use 12x12 scrapbooking storage containers like this:


They stack gorgeously, fit nicely in my cabinet or guest room closet shelves, and are pretty inexpensive.  I have them sorted by theme as well.  (Food, Christmas, Basic Shapes, Ocean, etc.)  I put a label on the front, and whenever I buy a new cutter, I add it to the list on the front of the box so I can see at a glance exactly what is in there.


FYI, these boxes are also awesome for storing dough balls for a big pizza party (I built a wood-fired oven in the backyard).  

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I use the 12x12 scrapbook paper storage cases as well, but I put a sheet of card stock in the middle so I have two sides and can just flip it over to see what is inside.
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A cookie cutter in American English and biscuit cutter in Commonwealth English is a tool to cut out cookie/biscuit dough in a particular shape. They are often used for seasonal occasions when well-known decorative shapes are desired, or for large batches of cookies where simplicity and uniformity are required. Cookie cutters have also been used for, among other uses, cutting and shaping tea sandwiches.

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I happen to come across this forum and start reading some posts before I plan on searching for the post I am looking for. After reading the entire post, I really like the idea of tracing the cookie cutter and even photo copying it and storing it in a binder. I tend to print picture and print articles if I find them interesting. I also have them all I. Folder including other papers like, diff tips and do's and do nots that I've read, liked and copied in a word doc. and just printed it out to put with the rest of the photos of cake, cookies, fondant or gum paster figures or flowers, print outs that I created of techniques, step by step on how to create certain figures....
In my binder I plan on not only adding all my stuff and using dividers to put them all in different sections. Also with of course recipes and a notebook or pad to sketch down my own thoughts of sketches,

Just thought d share that is a great idea to keep and trace the cookie cutters. Some pics can even help with your cutter, I've used index card paper to trace with the X knife and even a razor was one of the best cookies and not the easiest! But one tip i just came across and planned to use for Christmas cookies is to use PHOTO paper . It is a lot harder and steady. We'll see. I think I've tried wax paper also!

Good luck!

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I'm barely getting to this and i love everyones ideas since buying cookie cutters seems to be a hobby in itself! LOL


I started keeping a list of cutters too, as well as tips and americolor "colors" and no matter how updated i try to keep it, i end up with doubles or similar. Never a bad thing though, because the kiddos love to rush to "help" when I'm in the middle of an order. So I set them up with a lil patch of dough on another table and they get to make their own at the end of my batch (so they dont get included to mine).


PS...on the scalloped cutters, $15 is insane for a cutter no matter how ($2-$3?) sells them now and so does ($5?) somewhere along the under $5 price.

<3 Monica
<3 Monica
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