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Fondant covered cake disaster

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I tried making fondant for myself instead of buying it. The texture was pretty good and it tasted good too but, I tried rolling it 4 times and it always broke or got stuck on the counter top. I put a lot of confectioner's sugar on my counter top in order to prevent it from sticking, a little bit at a time, and finally got it to roll pretty well but, when I placed it on the cake it cracked. Not one big crack but a lot of small cracks all over the cake. Also, because of the sugar used, the fondant looks white in some parts.

Do you have any suggestions or instructions I could follow to make my fondant work for me?

Also, is there anything that needs to be poured on top of the fondant to make it all shiny?
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Not bad at all for a first try.

I spread a very thin layer of crisco on my mat and rolling pin before rolling out the fondant. The crisco gives it a little bit of shine and helps keep it from sticking.

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It does take some practice. I wouldn't say your cake is a disaster, it's pretty great for a first try!

Do you lift and turn it after every roll?

Some people use crisco to roll it out. I haven't tried that yet.
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My wilton instructor has told us to use crisco. It works great! I like it better than the conf. sugar b/c it doesn't leave it dry looking. You also don't get the white dusty marks on it. I had a huge problem w/that until I started using the crisco.
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icon_biggrin.gif I never use Crisco or Powdered Sugar,, I use Corn Starch, and they always come out perfect as you can see in my photos..don't worry, there is always a next time. Keep practicing..Practice makes perfect.
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i have always used cornstarch as well.... but mine always end up looking white and dusty. I will try the crisco next time.
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icon_biggrin.gif MOMMYEDZARDS, I get the same thing, but just use a pastry brush to brush off the cornstarch, it comes off easily..I don't think I'll ever use Criso, I just don't feel comfortable with sticky stuff.
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Seems like your fondant was a little dry. Not bad at all for your first time icon_smile.gif

I dust my counter top with corn starch and I grease my hands with crisco when kneading my fondant or mixing colors into it. It's really trial and error. What works well for one person might not work for you & vise-versa. Try different techniques till you find your perfect match.

Maybe the fondant recipe was not correct. . . compare to others and see if anything was missing. I've never made fondant, I buy mine. It's such a time saver and blessing for me, since there's always too many other things to do when making a cake.

Good Luck and post more pictures as you continue to practice with fondant. thumbs_up.gif
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Did you use MMF? I have found that when I use MMF and roll it out on my mat, it gets a nice smooth shiny finish. I just use nonstick cooking spray.
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Okay, I've heard the exact opposite regarding the Crisco. I have worked with the MMF twice and used the Crisco and it kept sticking. I even slathered my kitchen table with it so that my MMF wouldn't stick, but it did anyway. So, I posted on the forum about this (can't remember where now) but I got a reply from (I think) MrsMissey or MissDawn and was told that Crisco will make it stick to the table. My Wilton instructor said the same thing. Of course, I needed someone's advice who had actually worked with MMF, since my instructor had only worked with wilton's fondant.
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Sorry to hear about your problems w/the fondant icon_sad.gif I use cornstarch and I have used Crisco also .. the cornstarch works better to me... after you roll for a bit, stop, dust under it again really well with the cornstarch, rub it around with your hand, then roll some more.. do this several times; checking to make sure it's not sticking as you roll it out .. Hope you have better luck next time!!
Cheryl a/k/a ntertayneme (n-ter-tayne-me)
Cheryl a/k/a ntertayneme (n-ter-tayne-me)
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I've never used Crisco for MMf. I always use nonstick cooking spray. To me, the Crisco would probably leave the MMF too greasy.
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I did try turning it often as I rolled it but it would stick anyway. I also tried dusting the sugar off but as you see it is still there. Like I said, it tasted great but the consistency was not so great.

Thanks to all for the advice. I will try both corn starch and Crisco (obviously on different ocassions) and let you know how it turns out.
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You could also try putting more sugar into the MMF when you are making it. I've noticed some times I need more sugar (like when it's more humid) and other times I don't need as much. Play around with the amount of sugar in your recipe and see where that gets you.
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You could also try misting it with water. But only like 1-2 sprays. I did that one time and it was fine. I mean, as long as you're just practicing. It gets rid of the powder and it seemed to help a tiny bit with the cracking. Or try a different brush? For a "disaster" it still looks pretty good!
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