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Another thought just occurred to me...what about using a material such as fondant (as was originally suggested) or gumpaste, but make sure that the portion going into the cake itself is lollipop stick. In other words, wrap the edible bit around something that won't be effected by the cake and won't affect the appearance of the cake either.
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Hay Ya'll! icon_biggrin.gif

Its funny you guys suggested Pastillage. I emailed Diane Shavkin a day or so ago (I didn't think she would reply, though, isn't she famous? I thought she may be too busy...she was VERY sweet). But this is the technique she suggested. She said to leave out the glucose. I wonder why? I am very new to the gumpaste medium and heard of pastillage once or twice....but never really knew what it was. She said there is a recipe for it on her site, I am going to check it out, but not for this project. It's just too late to start anything new. Cake is due tomorrow. icon_biggrin.gif

I do have an additional question that i am about to try out. Just thought i would ask. I haven't put arms on my little football players yet. Is it too late? Could they be glued on with the royal glue? I can't really stick anything in the players now, cause it would crack the fondant. Or do they need arms at all?

I truly appreciate all the wonderful ideas and suggestions you all have given me! I don't know what I would do without ya'll!!!

Thank you all!!!
Leslie icon_biggrin.gif
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Definitely use royal icing/glue. It's the only way to go and will hold for certain.
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Originally Posted by SquirrellyCakes

Hi Leslie,
we use them for dowels in smaller cakes and I have used them for carousels and also covered them to hold up fondant signs and such. Haha, just dawned on me after I had posted, why not for goal posts, duh, where is my brain, haha!
Let us know how it all works out, can't wait to see the cake!
Hugs Squirrelly

Hey Squirrelly!!
I would have NEVER thought to use those as support! That's genius! I don't really like putting those wooden dowels in my cakes, I fear that somehow they might splinter and someone would end up eating wood. (I am just paranoid though) So, I have been using the plastic ones. I think from now on, I may have to use the hard candy sticks!!! They are probably alot cheaper too. Thank you for sharing that fantastic technique!!

I hope I will be able to take a picture of the cake (FULLY ASSEMBLED) for ya'll to see...since ya'll have been SOOOOOOOO much help!!

Thank you, again! thumbs_up.gif
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Hi Irina,
Thank you for your reply! I was needing that little extra validation!!!

Leslie icon_biggrin.gif
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Can't wait to see it!
I wouldn't use them for larger cakes, but for smaller ones or lightweight cakes that do not have a lot of tiers, they are fine. I am too paranoid to trust them to support the weight of the larger heavier cakes.
The hardwood dowels shouldn't present any splintering problems. I sand them after I cut them and then wash them. But I think we are always concerned about putting anyone at risk, this is normal.
There is an article on this site about using the plastic "bubble straws", special straws for drinking Asian bubble tea. Jackie brought that to my attention awhile back. They are fairly cheap for those folks that are in the U.S. or have access to a store carrying such items.
You can also purchase plastic dowels, these are used for lace wall hangings and such and are fairly cheap and can be cut easily. Haha, I had purchased some lace Christmas wall hangings one year that came with these. Went to make a stacked cake and realized I was out of wooden doweling and was desperate. Anyway, they worked really well.
Gosh, you have to be imaginative sometimes, haha!
Best of luck with your cake!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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Shavkin's site is amazing and apparently she is every bit as nice as her site. That isn't the first time I have heard that she gets back to everyone, so obviously she is a wonderful person and an amazing decorator! She is also extremely knowledgable and shares the limelight well and enjoys having others post pictures and techniques and ideas on her site. I was always impressed with that. She is one special lady!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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