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I've seen that La Lechera. What does it taste like? Is it caramel?

I made a chocolate cake and haven't decided on a filling yet. Would this go with it?
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It is a caramel flavor with a sweetend condensed milk after taste.

I made a chocolate fudge cake using Dulce de Leche along with apple pie filling (added brown sugar,cinnamon and nutmeg to it) between layers then topped with chocolate ganache,walnuts and drizzled some heated dulce de leche on top. Trying to get the chocolate covered apple flavor. It was so good!!! I was afraid it was going to be to sweet but it was just right. You get the caramel flavor but not overly sweet.

PS: I smeared the dulce de leche between layers and kind of made a dam so apple filling would not leak out, then put the apples on top of that. I put in fridge for 1/2 hour so it would firm up and the layers wouldn't slip.
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You guys out thereare lucky! I come from a place where everything is made from scratch.No cake mixes,fondants measured from a teaspoon to the cup,no pre made icing.Our medium for icing are fondants,meringue icing or the boiled icing, and the caramel icing. Nestle's Dulce de Leche is unknown here so we make our own caramel and we never boil unopen cans of milk. Too risky! We cook our caramel from evaporated milk, sugar, flour and butter.It's quite labourious but it's always safer than cooking something you can't even see what's going on inside.
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Hi! Can anybody tell me if the canned Dulce de leche needs to be refrigerated after it is opened? I want to use it as a cake filling but the cake needs to be covered in fondant which I know can be a problem due to condensation. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP!

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