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Like everyone else, I can't WAIT to see the article!

I'd love to know more about making bouquets... What do you use for sticks, when do you stick them in (before baking to make the hole? After baking but while they are still soft?) and what you use to display the boquet (i.e do you use florist foam in a pot?, etc...).

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge - I was looking at your website and it is such a class act.

Thanks again!

- Tami -
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I would love to read your article as well. What is the best cookie recipe to use cookie cutters? I always have problems with rolling the dough out - either it is too thick or too thin. Please include the directions for your icing as well. I tried the powdered sugar recipe but it never comes out the way I want it to. Thank you so much. Cathy
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This is my recipe for decorated cookie icing that hardens shiny but is soft to eat....may help you...wish I had some pictures, but my computer crashed a while back...and...

I add about a cup of powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons of corn syrup and stir until smooth and thick. (If I need it a little thinner, I add drops of water). I usually use 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla and 1/4 teaspoon of butter flavoring (my kids say they taste just like candy corn?). Desired consistency is spreadable with the back of a spoon, but not thin enough to run off the edge of the cookie! It just takes a little judgement and practice, then you'll know what consistency you need, add your color (gel) and you're good to go!
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I forgot to add this...

Cookies are my absolute favorite! Especially at Halloween, the kids just love them, whether they are just decorated cookies or cookie pops. Hey, how about a cookie decorating contest, that would be fun! They really are fun to do and like I said, kids love them.
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Thank You Antonia 74! This sounds great. I can't wait to see it.

My suggestion would be step by step instructions with photos. Tell us what you are thinking while you are doing it. I agree with everyone elses suggestions about including recipes, techniques, cutters, etc.

Thanks again....I am sure my kids will be grateful icon_biggrin.gif
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I can't wait to read this article either. I would also like to see instructions with corresponding pictures (if possible) and your suggestions on the best cookies for cutting. Exactly how you do your icing.. It is fantastic by the way. THANKS.......
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Is your article done yet? I would really like to read it. I need a good recipe. I can't seem to find one that holds it shape and tastes great. Can you at least post your cookie recipe for us if your article isn't ready yet? Thanks
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Sorry Infields, I'm trying my best to get it done. I have 4 weddings per weekend to supply Sept/Oct and I'm crazy busy...working 16-17 hours per day just to keep up! icon_cry.gif

Anyway, the sugar cookie recipe I swear by is from
it is the perfect consistency and really really does hold its shape beautifully AND it tastes awesome! thumbs_up.gif
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I'm so excited to see this topic. I just recently decided I was going to try decorating cookies. I used the sugar cookie recipe from kitchen gifts and made my cookies last night. They are delicious. I just finished mixing up a batch of royal icing and am fixing to color and try my hand at this. Will probably end up being a mess at first, but I'm excited to try. I can't wait to see your article! Thanks for doing it!
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We are all looking forward to your article Antonia. I love all the beautiful cookies you make.. They are always so elegant looking and the icing is done to perfection. I know your article will be worth the wait.. icon_smile.gif
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Thank you so much in advance for sharing your cookie expertise! This is a great time to start thinking about cookies for the holidays!
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Antonia, I know I've told you about a million times how much I love your work but I can't help it because you just do an amazing job. I can't wait to read your article!!!!
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All of your cakes and cookies are a true inspiration to me! I am very excited to read your article.
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I made some cookies today and tried the recipe for the sugar glaze that sweeterbug1977 and loree001
posted.. I just love it.. Thanks so much for sharing sweeterbug1977 and loree001. It is softer than the royal icing but it did harden enough so I could stack them.I added almond extract to it. I am mailing some to a friend in the morning so will see how they ship. She sent me a cute rooster cookie cutter today and I wanted to make her a few cookies with it. icon_smile.gif
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Cookies ! To outline or not ? Antonia I was just reading your post in the cookie gallery that you don't bother to outline your cookies with the royal icing before filling in the design .. This will be such a time saver.. I am glad I noticed that post as I was browsing the pics in the gallery.. I find that my cookies always seem to look a little messy and I think that it is because the outline stands out too much.. I will try your method tomorrow. Thanks for sharing that tip.
icon_smile.gif Liz
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