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Originally Posted by melodyscakes

i just wanted to say, about the contest.....I ENTERED FOR THE FIRST TIME! i was so excited too! now, because my husband uploaded or down loaded whichever, my picture for me, i didnt get to post anything under the comment section. i tried to go back and put something in and couldnt figure it out. so mine just has a picture and my name.
it was a lot of fun to make, and i was able to try to make something that i had been wanting to try for some time now. and i really want that book.
anyway, i cant wait for the next contest to be announced so that my wheels can start turning again.
so glad we all have the same passion here!

Good for you! It takes a lot of guts to put your cake out there, to be judged and I truly admire all of the folks who participate in these contests! I personally think you are all winners regardless of the contest results and I am proud of all of you.
I think it is wonderful to see how excited and enthusiastic you are, being a contest entrant, it is so nice to see.
All the best of luck to all of our wonderful contributors!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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Here I go again (I'll probably get repremanded for this) but I disagree about it taking guts to enter a contest... BUT since it was brought up again... Why would it take a lot of guts to enter in a contest??? You post your pics right? Well all you have to do is post the pic in the contest! Win or loose your a cake decorator just like everyone else. If your afraid of loosing then I understand but to not post a pic in the contest because of someones opinions is ridiculous. That's just a cop out. Win or loose you are still a winner!!!

We have already went over this time & time again!! The rules were stated during the last contest & it didn't need to be in red ink this time!! Rules were set by Jackie & that's that. You weren't supposed to enter more then 1 picture PERIOD. You were supposed to be in the forum for 30 days PERIOD.

Cakemommy saw that a few decorators had entered & weren't qualified to enter so she told everyone. That's what she was supposed to do. She is also human & gave her feelings too. Something she does have too. It was easy for Jackie to take the double pics out of the contest. If you agree w/ the rules then by all means tell Jackie when there is someone entering in the contests that isn't qualified. Then that's on Jackie if she doesn't remove the pic.

I read posts a long time before I entered a contest... I was never intimated. So stop making excuses & enter those cakes in the contests & read the directions & follow them! Man, how easy is it to follow directions!

While I'm on a soap box... I should put this in the moderator post BUT since we're talking I thought I'd add it here..
I know I will never be picked to be a moderator Jackie & that's fine with me!! I don't want to be one if it means I have to always agree with everyone & not have my own opinion (Not throwing that at anyone. If I was I would name names). That's not me. I have given my opinion a few times & then have my opinion be turned around & questions I ask not be answered. I only speak when I feel strongly about something. If speaking my opinion gets me kicked off here then everyone will know why!! I'm a very nice person & I love helping people!! But when I disagree with something then I should be able to say that I disagree. I have never been hurtful or hateful with my posts. I am not quitting CC... I am just telling how I feel. Maybe I'll do like you do Squirrelly... go away for a few days then come back when I've cooled down. The same things keep coming up because they haven't been resolved you know...

That's all I gottta say for now...
"Learn from a turtle... it only makes progress when it sticks it's neck out"
"Learn from a turtle... it only makes progress when it sticks it's neck out"
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Hey Turtlelady,
Actually, I was asked by a friend on another site why she couldn't post a vote on this contest and since I know that she only joined recently, I thought that perhaps Jackie had put the rules that were discussed into place and that is why her vote wasn't registering. She thought she wasn't voting in the right way. Anyway after I answered her, I looked on the site and saw Jackie's post about the rules not being changed in time for this contest as it involved a lot of programming. So I then posted to my friend that the rules hadn't been changed, but in another of Jackie's posts she had stated that she had set the time to midnight for the votes to start registering and it hadn't worked. (So I told her to try posting again) So from that information, I took it to mean that the voting rules had not changed in time for this contest, which means that the same rules applied from the other contest and therefore anyone who had joined regardless of when could enter and/or vote. Did I get that right? So if that is the case, then anyone can still enter and/or vote and therefore all entrants or voters had followed the present rules.
I respect your right to agree or disagree with anything you like kiddo, I think you know that by now. I always value your posts, I have a lot of personal respect for you and your knowledge and kindness and friendliness to all.
Regarding my comments about folks entering cakes in contests, I still think it takes a lot of guts to create something and put it out there, whether it is a work of art (which in my opinion is the category cakes fall into) or anything else.
I have been decorating for almost 30 years and until quite recently never showed anyone pictures of my cakes. That is just part of my personality, I also don't like having my picture taken, that is just me. Haha, in fact a cake buddy of mine who I finally met in person was beset with a couple of requests for pictures she had taken of her and me when she visited, pretty funny actually. I was an extremely shy person (don't laugh) and I think one of the last throwbacks of this might be how I feel about showing people things that I have done. It is partly the modesty we were taught in private religious schools about how you should never have pride in your work and such. Anyway, that is likely why I have so much respect for folks that can do this. I also respect folks that enter contests knowing that they may not win, but they enter just to participate in the fun of it.
Having said that, I guess I am one of those folks that is not truly competitive, haha, good thing I am such a crappy athelete and don't enjoy playing games!
I just wish that when things like this come up, we could perhaps find another nicer way of bringing them up without it getting so personal. I know people make comments in the heat of the moment, but having done so it would be perhaps a good idea to go back and read them before they are posted so that down the road, there isn't a lot of hard feelings and folks leaving and such. I am including in that, comments commenting on posts, not just posts. I find that true on every site. Now maybe I am in the minority reacting that way and perhaps the majority feel that I am wrong. Perhaps I am just at an age and in a space in time when I want peace and try my darndest to be in nice places and avoid situations that are not nice whenever possible. Perhaps stating that is not being respectful of other folks' rights to view things in another way. I guess I find often that there is a lot of aggression out there and I would like to live in a kinder gentler time, but that is my problem, haha!
I do apologize if I have offended you or anyone else, Turtlelady, because you are truly a favourite of mine kiddo!
Hugs Squirrelly
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I am one of those behind the scenes members. I am sorry I do not post very much. That is just my personality. If I see a post that has not been answered, I will help if I can, but everyone is usually really quick to answer. I don't usually post questions because I search through past posts and usually find answers. My main reason for joining this group is to read through posts to learn and look at the gallery for ideas. When I post my photos I try to put as much information in the comment so someone can duplicate if they want. This website is by far the best place to get ideas. Reading through this post and the one in July made me feel guilty for posting a pic in the contest. This is the first contest I attempted because I love to do sculpted cakes. I don't know if I want to be forced to post regularly in the forum and there are months I may make only one cake. I am seriously considering entering the OK State Sugar Art sculpted cake division competition and I thought entering the CC contest would help me prepare for this. I never meant to hurt anyones feelings and I hope I will be able to continue entering the contests.

My $.02 icon_smile.gif

BTW, deadline for entries for OK State Sugar Art Competition is September 23
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Talmas, I have seen your photos and was not mentioning you at all!!! In fact, your entry is one of many I voted high marks for! I actually got hungry for corn after I saw your entry. Dont' feel bad in the least bit. You participate and that's great!

Good luck in the CC contest and go for it and enter the Sugar Arts Show. I enter the San Diego Cake Club Confections on Parade show in March. This will be my third year!!

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You know what...This is really ridiculous!!!! All this hurt feelings over a contest and Moderators and people making or not making post and posting or not posting pictures....You know we are all truly a family and what do families do best... ARGUE!!!! And then some of them make up and some of them go their own seperate ways. So why don't we all GROW UP!!!! If you want to make a post make one...if you want to post a so!!! I know my cakes don't even pail in comparison to other's cakes...but I still post them, I still ask for advice and help, and I still try to give help or advice when needed. What I am saying is DONT let anyone on this site intimedate you or discourage you from posting pics, SAYING WHAT YOU speaking your mind!, or in general JUST BEING YOU. Stand up for yourself! Be PROUD of Yourself. POST IF YOU WANT TO or don't Post at all. It's your choice. You have the Freedom of choice, freedom of Speech, the Freedom to decorate...NOW USE IT and GROW UP PEOPLE!!!! Any complaints can be made straight to me about what I have said...I'm grown up enough to take it...just not enough to admit my real age!
Tammy Crema
Tammy Crema
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Talmas I wasn't referring to you either. Your cakes are great!! And you are a wonderful member/friend!! I apologize to anyone who I've offended by my opinions. I just wish that anyone who feels the same way I do would speak up. I'm tired of being portrade (spelling?) as the one w/ a lot of aggression (guoting Squirrelly). I am a very nice person till someone makes me out to be mean.

Good luck Talmas!!!!
"Learn from a turtle... it only makes progress when it sticks it's neck out"
"Learn from a turtle... it only makes progress when it sticks it's neck out"
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I think all this forum needed was one simple clarifying post.

Yes this has all been covered last month.

Yes Jackie made a decision about what the future rules will be.

No Jackie has not implemented the new rules and therefore the old rules are still in place.

Yes Jackie will announce when the new rules are active.

No one is being forced to post pics or talk in the forum. A probationary membership period is all that will be required. No one is being alienated or made to feel less than welcome based on their participation level.

So now that we are all on the same page, can we all hug, move past the drama, and get back to making fabulous cakes? icon_biggrin.gif
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I think that puts the icing on the cake Heath!
Tammy Crema
Tammy Crema
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I am locking this thread.

Thanks to everyone who voiced thier opinions.

The reason I am locking this thread is it seems, there have been some mis-communication and hurt feelings, when there shouldn't have been.

Cakecentral currently has over 10,000 members and most of them vote, Not all of them post in the forums, or upload photos.

I am talking about thousands of votes on EVERY SINGLE CAKE entered in the contest.

The people who have won in the past, have had thousands of different people vote for them, yet the top 10 cakes were still only seperated by a few points.

The contest prize is a BOOK. Let's not forget that. I am not giving away any cars, or vacations here. Just a book.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the contests. If you just want to upload your photo and not put it in a contest, you can do that too.

Most people will get loads of posative feedback on every photo of cakes they upload. I do not allow unconstructive comments in the CakeCentral gallery. So in my opinion only encouragement and good things can come from sharing your cakes with the rest of the community.

I also completely understand those folks that do not want to upload thier photos, whatever thier reasons, and that is OK too. And to be perfectly honest, I am also guilty of that. Being the administrator of this site, the automatic assumption is that I am some world-class decorator. I am not, not by a longshot.

I do it because I love it. I'm not the best, I'm not trying to be the best. I just have fun and enjoy myself and mostly enjoy sharing new techniques, recipes and ideas with others who love cake decorating as much as I do. And that's really what this site is all about.

And that's what the contests are supposed to be about.

birthday.gif Jackie

birthday.gif Jackie

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