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I read someone had hand trouble with presses. Were you using the hand crank or the trigger press? I find I much prefer the crank over a trigger due to you can look at the "birthing of the cookie" instead of pulling a trigger and having a weird angle to watch it. Maybe if you were using the trigger press, you could try a crank. Its alot less stress on the hands and you can watch the amount pushed out of the cookie. My mother always used a crank style and when i moved out on my own I went to ebay and found a crank press with all the peices plus a bunch of copper cookie cutters for about 5 dollars plus shipping. I am not sure the name of my press but it seems to be copper and aluminum? Easily to wash and take a part too.
Its just a idea for you and anyone else looking into cookie presses. I am not a proffessional just a mom who had a magical mother who made magical cookies when I was a child icon_smile.gif
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Hey -- I know the "season of spritz" is way over, but I just have to share. I made some peanut butter ones (the recipe that came with the Wilton press) in early Dec. I know they have shortening in them (like someone said earlier in the post - "yuck"), but people liked them on mixed cookie platters.

Anywho - why I'm posting... I just found a few that I had frozen on Dec. 1st. They were in my "cake freezer", so it's not opened quite as much as the regular season, but pretty often from Dec. - Feb. The reviews today were "They taste great" and "Yummy peanut butter cookies!" Of course there were a few with things like, "Why did you make snowflake cookies when it's 80 degrees outside?" icon_razz.gif I confessed and told them they were eating cookies baked over eighty days ago. They are light and soft.

I also found a few NFSCs in there from Dec. 1st that were yummy too.

I've never done any cookie tests and maybe you guys already knew that spritz cookies can freeze for a few months, but I'm new at this and was pleasantly surprised with this recipe and freezing.
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