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How to Transport Cakes

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Hi there! I'm trying to figure out how to transport cakes (anything that won't fit in a regular cake box basically). I just made my last cake for the Advanced Wilton class, but it's a total of 8" tall and I'm not sure the best method for getting this around. I've read that you should put the cake together once you're at the location, but what if you can't do that, and it needs to be ready to go as is? Right now, for this cake, I have inserted dowels to stabilize it, then I found a big cardboard box, cut it down a little and cut one of the sides so I can flatten it. I will slide the cake onto the box then close it. I have no idea how this will work, but I really hate putting it together, then taking it apart, then having to put it back together. I'm going to make a border and don't want to ruin it. We'll see how this works...

I saw on tv recently a huge 'mad hatter style' cake on Food Network. It was 4 cakes tall and took 2 people to carry it. It had stuff all over it, and I don't think would be very easy to recreate once at the location, unless you had a van with everything you need I guess. So how does one transport something like that? You have to think about what to carry it in, who's going to carry it, if it will stay steady in your car, how not to make it slide around (I'm using rubber stuff right now), and more!

I just haven't gotten a solid answer to this question yet, except that you assemble it at the location. Surely someone out there has had to have it ready though - what did you do? How did you do it?

Any help would be most appreciated!

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I pray!!!

I deliver nearly all my stacked cakes already stacked. I deliver the cake cold if possible, this means that the cake can take a little extra jarring because my icing is pretty solid when cold and the cake is pretty dense when cold. I have delivered up to 4 tiers stacked. I do suggest that you have someone to help you carry it if you need to. I'm a pretty strong person so anything up to a 14, 10,6 stacked i can handle by myself.

You need to find a level spot to set the cake. I place the cake on the floor of the back seat of my truck with the ac vents blowing on it then proceed carefully to my destination. Makesure you think about the roads, before hand. If possible know where you are going so you don't get lost, and also so you can figure out a smoother route to a venue if you need to. (i deliver on a lot of back winding roads)
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Such a good question!
I would put my cake together at the location, but this is my first cake to deliever too. I would rather do it at home incase of mistakes.

we have a four door truck. should I put in on the floor in the front of the truck? It doesn't seem like there would be enough room in the back.

nocentstar: did you just make a cake box out of a regular shipping box?
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I don't box my cakes when i'm delivering a stacked wedding cake.

I place the cake on the floor of the back seat in the truck. I fold the seat up then lay towels to level the floor (there's a little tiny bump that runs across the back floor. I point the ac vent at the cake and run the ac on high, i freeze all the way to the venue, That truck has the best ac in it. Make sure you measure the floor so that you don't make the cake too big to fit. what i do is measure the floor then cut the board for the cake, then take the board out to the truck to make sure it fits. IF for some reason i have a cake that is too big for the floor of the truck (thank goodness it doesn't happen often) I call my step mom and use her SUV, which is great but always needs cleaning before i can transport. where my husband is a stickler about our cars and cleaning them doesn't take long at all.
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i didn't even think about folding the seat up! great!
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the advice so far on transporting cakes. Some good points in there! I guess I really need to get a truck or something larger than my 2-door. I tried moving the seats forward and backwards and it wouldn't fit (I had to transport my cake to class last night).

I ended up getting a regular shipping box, cutting it down and making it smaller, then I cut one of the sides so I could slide the cake into it. I then bent the flaps down a little and stapled them. Before putting the cake into the box, I put a piece of that rubbery stuff so it wouldn't slide within the box either. I was able to fit it in my trunk and just put stuff around it so I wouldn't slide around. It seemed to work pretty well. Once it was decorated and I had to bring it home and then to work, I only came out with a few flowers that had fallen off. Those were easy to 'glue' back on too. (I have a pic of the cake in the photo gallery under 'Color Scheme' - 'Blue' - it's listed as 'Blue Fondant with Day Lilies' if you'd like to check it out).

So this worked this time, but if the cake gets any bigger it won't fit in my trunk. I didn't think of the idea of aiming the vents towards it either when I'm able to put it inside the car -good idea!

Peg18 ----- when you transport and don't use boxes for the cakes, do you ever get them tilting? I sued dowels to keep the cake together, but was just wondering if you still had any issues with that or does it stay pretty secure?

So thanks for the suggestions so far, and please keep them coming. I'm open to everything right now!!!

Thanks again!
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Great question...I was going to submit the same one nocentstar. I have the same dilema.

This past weekend was my sisters bridal shower...I sat in the passengers seat with the cake in my lap and my mom drove. I was sooo paranoid the entire time.

Great ideas...thanks everyone. So basically its: drive slow, and Pray for the best!! icon_surprised.gif)

I have a 3 tier cake to deliver in Oct (my first!! eeeek) so we'll see what happens....I'll keep you posted!!
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well, so far i haven't had anything that isn't fixable. BUT i stress deliver that cake COLD the cake won't shift as much if its cold. And you can have shifting and leaning whether or not the cake is in a box.

Here is the last tier cake i delivered in my truck as i discribed, it was also about 90 out with very high humidity and it was for an outside wedding and oh yeah when i got to the venue the building (the cake was going to be inside until cutting) was locked. They had to run around to find a key for the building, all the while the cake was sitting in the truck with the AC cranked.
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Love your cake Peg818...look delish!
Is that 2 or 3 layer cakes??

Thank goodness for AC in cars, right?! icon_lol.gif
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I pray too! So far all has been well or should I say fixable. I have assemble some at the site, which makes me nervous, and will avoid doing that from now on if I can. I delivered a three tier to assemble at the venue and it shifted in the car!!!! yikes!!! and it was not even assembled so I wish I would have taken my chances delivering with it already assembled!

I also do not box cakes that I am delivering that do not fit in a "normal" cake box.

Oh, beautiful cake Peg!

bj icon_wink.gif
Kind words are like honey, sweet to the taste and good for your health. Pr 16:24
Kind words are like honey, sweet to the taste and good for your health. Pr 16:24
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beautiful cake peg!

I assume that is fondant. how do you get it a cream color? (that is cream right?)
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Hi Peg,

Love the cake you posted!!! So did you need someone to help you carry it? How did you do the designs on the sides? Was it 'painted' on free-hand or did you have a stencil? Looks beautiful!
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I will only tgransport a stacked cake up to 3 tiers. I think I would possibly lose my mind if I did any more than that. Then--if I'm transporting it stacked--I will use a center dowel to ad in stabilization.

I do not refrigerate my cakes. I do, however, store them on my pool table, covered with a rubbermaid container in my finished basement. It's cool enough to keep them nice--but not so cold as to be considered refrigerated.

Honestly--the wedding cake I did last weekend, I had it dowled and ready to go. Since I used plastic seperator plates (long story) I couldn't center dowel it. I transported the cakes unstacked on foam grip sheeting in the back of my Jeep. I only took me minutes to set it up at the hall. The long part was doing the fresh floral and there is no way I would transport a cake with the flowers already on it.

I am not an advocate of poiinting the a/c vents directly at a cake. I feel like there could be too much dust or whatever that could embed itself in the cake. I just turn it on full blast and make the entire Jeep a refrigerator! lol!

I also vacuum my Jeep before every major delivery.

Just my random thoughts.

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Lisa - So when you transport the 3 stacked cakes, do you have them in any sort of box or just on the floor on the cake board?

Also, when using flowers (royal, fresh, fondant, etc.) - do you always put everything on when you get to the place? I transported a cake last night and a few flowers fell off. Nothing major, but I can see that transporting with them on probably wouldn't work. How long do you guys allow for set up at the place?
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They are boarded and set on the grip stuff in the back of my jeep--not on the floor per se.

I will put all my bc decorations on at home but not any fresh. I don't really work in royal but when I do any gum paste--I put those on at the location also.

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