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Buttercream question.....again

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Okay, I have searched and read tons of posts, I have printed them off and put into a folder, and I have gone to wilton's site and read their posts... and I am still confussed! Bear in mind I am VERY new to cake decorating. And I am taking on a big project that I really want to get just right!!


The cake I am baking will be 14 inch with 10 inch on top.
How much icing will I need to cover it three times??

What is the best Buttercream for hot weather that tastes really good? The cake will be sitting outside under the umbrella - party starts at 6.

Can I use Cali4dawns receipe for Buttercream? Would that last in the weather? My mother in law wants to use the cake as the center piece for the table!!! I do not want to because I don't want it to melt!!

One more question....Also I plan to put flowers on it going down the sides of the cake... I am making hibiscus flowers.... how many do you think I should make??
How much icing (cups)?

Sorry so many questions in one post!!!!!! If you need to email me -- feel free to do so!!
Thanks so all who can answer my questions!
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Here is a link to LadyCakes' website...she has a chart for amounts of icing.

Can't help you with the flowers...I'm sure someone else will post about that.

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I do not know how full you want the flowers to be...but I think I would make 15-20 so you will have extras. You might want to put some on the cake board.
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Sharing is caring.
Sharing is caring.
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It would depend on how big you are making the flowers. I always make about 5 to 6 extra just in case!!!!! They will keep if you don't have to use them.
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