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12-year old girl b-day cake

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I need some ideas for a birthday cake for a 12-year old. What kind of things would a girl that age like? Thanks.
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Maybe a purse cake with make-up spilling out? My 12 year old granddaughter loves a purse, makeup (mostly gloss) and cell phone. Hope that helps some. Do you have any idea of her interest?
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if there's any way, find out some of her interests, or at least what 'kind' of a girl she is -- girly girl, athletic, tomboy, nerd, bookish, etc.

i have a pile of cousins around that age and there are definitely several different "types" of girl and they'd get miffed if you mixed 'em up.
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I agree with the others on finding what her interests are. I remember when I was 12. It's such an 'in between' age. One day I was wanting to date boys & the next I found myself wanting to play with my Barbie dream house again!! LOL!! (of course at 12 I would never have admitted I secretly wanted to play with my doll house!) I think most girls that age would like make-up. cell phones, i-pods, jewelry, music, etc. If she likes sports, maybe some type of sports cake would work. Good luck with whatever you decide on making!!!
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Definately a cell phone cake. Or maybe a computer...
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[quote="tmriga"]eagerlearner --

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I am about to turn 12 and I really like owls so do a stack cake with an owl on top I'm doing mine 3 layered 1st layer is line green second purple third pink zebra I hope she has a great bday
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