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Aha, see, maybe there is no such thing as "too chocolately"! All I know is the first time I made it, for a baby shower, all the ladies raved about how it was the best choc. cake they'd ever eaten, yet none could finish a slice (mind you, it was after a large meal...but still, how can you throw away chocolate??!!!) But ya know, I love the stuff so I am going to try to nab that icing recipe and give it a try myself. Thanks!
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your welcome, i'll save you the trouble of looking for the recipe : )

by chef annie:

2 oz butter softened
7 1/2 cups of powered sugar
1 cup cocoa (i used dutch-processed)
1/2 cup milk (or heavy cream)
12 oz cream cheese softened
*more milk (cream) if needed

whip butter and cream cheese on low until fluffy. then add rest and mix till fluffy. add more milk if needed.

*annie told me she uses heavy whipping cream because it makes it richer, shinier and doesn't crust as much. i used the cream when i made it and really loved it!
Pray The Rosary
Pray The Rosary
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Thank you thank you thank you! I can't wait to try it!
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The Hershey recipe is good... I put some instant coffee in the boiling water before adding it. Always sift the dry ingredients first and use only room temperature eggs, milk....

sometimes I also add a dash of cinnamon to it.

I always use it 'cause it is simple to make and the ingredients is always at hand.
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can i use chef annie's icing on my wiltons course 2 cake?
It's sounds swesome!
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I personally think the Chocolate cake recipe on the cocoa can is amazing. It is so good and eveyone here raves about it. The icing with it is great too.
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I have the wooley book but haven't tried the cake yet. Maybe this week. it sounds yummy!
My drug of choice is FROSTING!
My drug of choice is FROSTING!
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I'm not a big chocolate fan (SORRY!!!) but everyone that has tasted the Hershey's cake recipe has loved it. I really like it because it isn't too rich, so when you add the frosting to it, it doesn't get sickly rich.

I like to use good, dark cocoa powder. I have even accidently over-baked it and it turned out amazing and stays moist for days. You can't mess this one up at all! Highly recommend.

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I just made it Friday with an almond buttercream icing. If you want a remarkable taste that is it!
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Thank you for the suggestion! That sounds delicious. I am supposed to make a holiday cake for my husband to take to work this week, and I think that would be great combination!

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I made the Woolley cake this past weekend and it was SO good! It is probably my favorite chocolate cake recipe right now. It is very chocolatey and adding chocolate buttercream made it soooo sinful, but my goal was to make a very chocolatey cake so it met the challenge!
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ceshell cn you tell us which modifications you made to the recipe? There were a lot of suggestions on that thread and some were contradictory.
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For me the best chocolate cake with out a doubt is the Double Chocolate Layer Cake from

Here is a link to a discussion at egullet last month where members were in search of the "best" chocolate cake. They started with the Scott Woolley recipe but eventually the consensus was the epicurious recipe was the best and they started tweaking that recipe to improve it. I haven't tried the any of the modifications to the recipe yet. But I'm looking forward to doing so maybe after the first of the year.

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Actually the egullet thread is super confusing. At first it starts very orderly but then someone says wait, lets stop using wolley, lets use the double chocolate cake. If you notice it is different people in the discussion of the epicurious recipe. They did not test the cakes after one another or tested the new tweaked recipe against woolley. This is where it gets confusing and frustrating. There IS another post that follows tweakings for the wolley cake that make a lot of sense (i.e. using a creaming method for the cake.) I am trying the woolley cake today and will report on it. Its a shame that people on egullet couldn't work to actually improve the woolley cake
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can you post the link for the post that does follow the tweakings for the Woolley cake?

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