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Toba's Icing and I Didn't charge enough

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So I made all my cookies for Thanksgiving using Toba's icing which I loooove. I want to pop the cookies into the freezer because they have been around for a couple of days already. Can I freeze with Toba's? I know I can with royal and I am pretty sure I can with Toba's but I wanted to make sure. So I am coming to the experts! Also, the Thanksgiving cookies I made that are personalized (40 for one person and 30 for another) took me forever. I charged $2. My SIL told me I was nuts and I should have charge at least $3 to $4. They are 3 - 4 1/2 inch cookies. I think she is right. I definitely undersold myself. Live and learn
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I do not do cookies, so I cannot help you there. But I have written to Mrs. Garrett regarding others of her recipes, via her website.

She is a very great and gracious lady who always replied promptly.

Theresa icon_smile.gif
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Yes, you did undercharge. Now, take a deep breath, step back and admire the beautiful cookies. For sure, there will be a next time. icon_biggrin.gif
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Where do you all live that people will pay 3-4 for a cookie? We have cheapos in Ohio....................hehehehehehehe 1-1.50 they think is high. icon_cry.gif
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I did toba's cookies recently and froze them, single layer with waxed paper between the layers. They came out perfectly. I use her recipes more than anyone else's and I'm always referring back to her pictures.
Someday I'll buy a digital camera!!
Someday I'll buy a digital camera!!
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I have a question about Toba's icing. I saw this post, and it made me research her icing. When you use this kind, do you need to outline first? Can you just flood the cookie with it w/out the outline? I want very badly to get rid of my outlines, but can't figure out how to make the icing smooth, cover the entire cookie, but not run over the edge w/out the outline. Help!

Also, how do you thin it out? Do you add water? More corn syrup? How does adding flavor work with it? Would you recommend it?
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I'm waiting for an answer to this one too, I can't get rid of my lines I do better just flooding the cookie. Help ladies................ icon_biggrin.gif
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Answers to questions:

I live in Massachusetts close to Boston.

About Toba's icing. I love it. I don't outline with it I just flood and do royal accents. Sometimes it does run over the edges so I just add more powdered sugar to make it a little bit thicker. I think it spreads very easily and and it so easy and cheaper to make than royal. To thin it I add more milk. I add vanilla to it for flavoring but I heard others add other extracts. Hope this helps.

Thanks for all of the replies. icon_biggrin.gif
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You can flood with this icing without outlining but your cookies must be perfectly even or it will run over the edge. Add a few tablespoons of 10x sugar to each cup of icing to make it thicker than the flooding icing but thinner than the outline icing. I personally stick to outling my cookies because I've never had much luck rolling out a perfectly flat cookie! To thin the icing, add water. I always add some vanilla to my icing, too.
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i add vanilla and almond extract. and i always outline and then flood. the recipe for toba's is the flooding recipe. to get the outline you just add enough powdered sugar until it's thick enough to pipe. if you use the same color pipe as you do flood you shouldn't be able to see the outline too much. i don't have any pics in my photos but my website is all toba's.
peeverly i think with the cookies having everyone's name on that yes you should have charged more. maybe next time!
There are no excuses for success!
There are no excuses for success!
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Your cookies are gorgeous! You certainly could have charged more but think of it this way, you will have a very happy customer and your name will get out there to all her guests thumbs_up.gif That will likely bring tons of business you way, then you can charge her friends more icon_lol.gif
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You can freeze the cookies with the royal icing on it? Awesome! I didn't think you could...seems like I remember somewhere you shouldn't. I used the NFSC and Antonio's icing! This is great news! Is it really true???
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I'd love to know that too. I asked once and I thought they said you couldn't freeze them decorated?
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Kind of what I thought too...I did an experiment...and testing it out this afternoon. I froze 4 min's I had made, and I am going to thaw 2 out on a cooling rack w/out its bag, and the other 2 inside of the bag. We'll see what happens.
Maybe someone else can help us out on this question.
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I've frozen them bagged and not bagged. They were both fine. Just let them thaw naturally for a few hours.
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