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OT cheese ball recipe

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OK I went to a cousins wedding this weekend and there was the most awesome cheese spread or ball I have ever tasted. It tasted like a cheese ball but was light and fluffy almost like it was whipped or something. It was shaped into a basket with a handle made from the cheese and roses also made from the cheese (that looked like BC roses were on top.) It was totally beautiful and delicious. So my question here among all you great cooks is "does anyone know what this is and how to make it." I wish I had taken a picture but my mind was more on keeping my darling 3 year old daughter (who was the beautiful flower girl) from sticking her fingers in the food.

Thanks so much!
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this sounds interesting. Did it have a cream cheese flavor to it? Piping with cheese sound slike fun!

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Yes I am sure it had cream cheese. It tasted just like a cheeseball but the texture was so light very different than anything I've had before.
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Hi Abbey!

I found this recipe:

Pecan Cream Cheese Ball

2 hours 15 minutes 2 hrs 15 mins prep

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
1 (5 ounce) jar Kraft Old English cheese spread
1 (5 ounce) jar kraft pimiento cheese spread
1 cup pecan halves
snack crackers

Mix cream cheese, Old English, and Pimiento cheese spread together in large bowl until well-blended.
Line a large,deeply-dished coffee mug or bowl with plastic wrap.
Transfer cheese mixture to mug or bowl and cover with more plastic wrap.
Chill for about two hours or until somewhat firm (the mixture will never become"hard.") After mixture has firmed up, remove the top layer of plastic wrap and invert the cheese ball onto a small plate.
Remove remaining plastic wrap and cover the cheese ball with pecans.
Chopped pecans may be used instead of pecan halves.
Serve with apples and/or snack crackers.
Note: This is not a firm cheese ball, and you'll probably never get it into a perfect ball shape.
That's why a deeply-dished mug or bowl will help in the shaping process.

It looks like you can pipe with it. I've never made it but it's worth a shot.

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Sounds good I may give it a try in the next day or so and see if it's similar to what they had.
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