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Dog Cake

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I have a five year old special needs son. He loves his English bulldog. He has begged me for a bulldog cake for his birthday. Could anyone please tell me how to make a bulldog cake? Are there pans or directions?

Thank you, kindly, for your advice.

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Hi and Welcome, Sandi96. icon_smile.gif

Heres's a list of CC acronyms:

Here are all the dog/puppy tutorials:
(Might give you some ideas - but no bulldog.)

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here's the tutorial on making just the HEAD of an English bulldog
Keep on cakin'!
Keep on cakin'!
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First of all, I think the instructions from markbolin are awesome! I wish I had them when I was making my cake. Here is a link to the bulldog cake I did a few months ago - - -

I didn't have any instructions, so I just downloaded several different pictures of dogs to get an idea of the overall shape. Then I carved the cakes and filled them, buttercreamed, chilled, and carved a little more to get the shape I wanted.

It was built as three cakes (2 for the body and 1 for the head). The cakes are staggered, so the bottom cake starts at the left of the cakeboard and the head is quite a bit farther forward. I then staked the entire cake with a dowel rod to make sure the head would stay in place.

The nice thing about a bulldog is that its okay if your fondant has a few ripples in the face - - - just make them work to your advantage for the jowls. I covered the head and body separately with fondant. I opted to add a t shirt, but a fondant dog collar would would have also covered the seam nicely. I then airbrushed the dog before adding the t-shirt and eyes to avoid accidently spraying them.

I hope this helps! Have fun with your cake.
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