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How well do the dream whip frostings hold up in the heat and humidity. Also, how well to they pipe?

I normally use Damns BC, but since the humidty is so high right now I have had an awful time the last few trys with it becoming gritty.

Thank you.
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Just bumping in hopes of getting and answer.
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i liove in east texas where it si almost always humid. i used this for my sons spiderman cake in april. it held up great. i piped a border and it was ok i think you could probably make it thicker and it owuld pipe great.
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I love the dream whip icing. I live in Louisiana, so the humidity and heat are a big factor for me. I can't use the recipes with butter in them... they are literally runny before I even get them on the cake, and I even omit the liquid, except the flavorings!

The dream whip holds up excellently (is that a word, lol?) for me, it pipes and smoothes well, and it tastes good too. The only thing is that the recipe doesn't turn out as thick as the wilton one that I learned to decorate with, so I have a bit of trouble with my roses. I need to add more sugar when I'm making roses.

I can post my recipe if you like, I wasn't sure if you were looking for a recipe or if you already have one and just havent' tried it yet.
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Melissa, I would like you to post the recipe. I live in louisiana and have problems with icing. Thanks in advance! jen
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Mellissa, I'd love it if you could post your recipe.

Thanks !!! princess.gif
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I would also like to view this recipe . Thanks
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I'd be happy too! I believe I got it from this site. I don't see it in the recipe section, so someone must have just posted it in the forum.

Dream Whip Icing

2lbs or 1 kg bag of confectioners sugar
1 pkg dream whip
1/2 cup boiling water
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups crisco shortening
2 tsp clear vanilla flavouring
1 Tbsp clear corn syrup

Whip up till fluffy. No need for refrigeration but it is fine in the fridge as well. Tastes great, not so sweet and crusts well.
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Oh yeah, a side note..... some people have had problems with dream whip icing being gritty, so you should be sure to add the dream whip powder at the same time as the hot water, and the salt also, to make sure both dissolve well. I always did this, and have never had a problem.
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I'll give this one a try sometime too..
Thanks for posting it for us..
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Thanks for recipe cant wait to try it . Have a great weekend everybody!!
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What is dream whip and where do you find it?
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Abbey, it is a whipped topping mix, it is dry, comes in envelopes in a box. You should be able to find it in your regular grocery store, in the aisle where the pudding mixes and baking items are sold. Some stores keep it near the fresh fruit aisles.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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I am going to try out your dream whip frosting because I make ALL of my cakes using Dream Whips with my mixes! That works wonderful as well! They come out very moist, but also very durable for stacking!
Thanks for the rec.!
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Thanks guys for all the help!! I used Melissa recipe from a previous post on my daughters cakes this past weekend (posted in my photos). It was great. Easy to work with, crusted nicely, and held up like a charm in the heat and humidty. The flavor was good, I used vanilla and butter flavoring. I still like the taste of Dawns bc, but will probably be using this for most of my decorating!!

Thanks again!!!

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