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Originally Posted by Cakeasyoulikeit

I should mention though that the 4.5 Qt bowl does NOT come with a handle. I had to go buy a separate bowl for mine (which was over $30) because I couldn't handle no handle. icon_smile.gif

That is my beef with this particular mixer too. I can't hold that bowl full of two cake mixes, pour and scrape all at the same time! You have to have a handle! I didn't know they made bowls with a handle for this one?
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My KA just came in today. I can't wait to use it!!!
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I've been using a hand mixer and finally realized I needed a REAL mixer. Saw this post after I just finished purchasing on EBAY. Seller has White KA 5qt 350watt for $129.90 ..w/ship + tax $170. From research I did online for this size seemed to be very good price.

Wasn't sure if it was too big or littel for my future needs, but from reading posts here I feel confident it will be just least for awhile!icon_smile.gif

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Should add that the mixer is factory reconditioned. From other posts on CC, people say they have not had problems with reconditioned mixers. Keeping my fingers crossedicon_smile.gif
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