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Freshness question

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I've been asked to make a 1/2 sheet cake for a birthday party. The party is this Sunday (July 24th)
Would the cake be okay "freshness wise" if I bake/decorate it friday and deliver it to her then?
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Yes, I think that would be okay.
I did that once before when it was needed for a Sunday baby shower. I baked on Friday morning, decorated Friday night, they picked it up on Saturday and served it on Sunday.

Even when I'm doing a Saturday pick up, I bake on Thurs. and decorate on Friday.

It shouldn't be any problem, unless if your cake is dry to begin with.
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Do you wrap yours in saran wrap..then place it in a box until pickup?

Or do you just place it in the box (no wrap)
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I just put in into the cake box and tape down the sides. Saran wrap might mess up the icing.

The box will keep it sealed while allowing it to breath, because you don't want your icing to get too soft.
I also leave it in my basement where it will keep cool.
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Thank you so much!!!
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You're welcome! icon_smile.gif
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The cake will be fine but if you use an all-shortening and water icing, you may wish to enclose the boxed cake in a plastic bag, like an unscented garbage bag. This traps the moisture into the icing better and will stop the icing from gettting too dry or cracking. Seems to be more of an issue with this kind of icing than with an icing made with half butter and milk or cream. The water in the icing can evaporate and cause cracking.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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I would have never thought of that -- thank you!!!
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I didn't even think about the icing!! Oops! Sorry! icon_redface.gif

You're right, Squirrelly!!

Purple icon_smile.gif
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