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I'm Panicking!

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I showed one of my girlfriends here at work the cake I did for another friends babyshower. She, unknown to me, emailed it around here at work. One of the girls came to me today to ask if I she could order a cake from me for her cousin's babyshower. Before I knew what I was saying, I said yes. What the heck!!! LOL When she left I though, what did I just do? I feel like I am so far from being good enough to do a cake outside of family. My DH is so great, he was like, you can do this!! So, the theme is puppies. Does anyone have any suggestions? I feel like it has to be something simple or I'll mess it up..YIKES!!!!
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Simple....can you spell something out with puppy paw prints??

Or maybe just have paw prints around the sides of the cake?

Sorry, that's all I got, lol.

But, good luck!
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Have faith you can do it! icon_biggrin.gif
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Your cakes are perfect !! so what are you panicking about ? :roll:
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I think the pawprint idea is cute! Have faith in yourself and your abilities! You'll do fine!
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You can do it!!

Puppies, hmmm, look and see if you can find a cute puppy graphic or coloring book page. You can always do a fbtc, color flow piece or chocolate transfer.
My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
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When someone asks me for something I'm not sure I can draw, I resort to cookie cutters, make an imprint on my buttercream, and then trace around it and/or fill it in. You could do a dog silhouette as well as a dog bone, in pastel colors. I also like the paw print idea. Also, if you're into the character pans, Wilton's animal crackers pan is a cute dog/puppy. Do that as your main cake, and do matching cupcakes with paw prints. I hope it goes well and be sure to let us see what you do.
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Have you tried doing a search for puppies in the gallery? There are some cute examples. You'll do great, just take your time and enjoy it. If its not fun we shouldn't be doing it yeah? Good luck!
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I just did cupcakes with puppies on them. They were chocolate transfers. It was for a baby shower. I got the idea from NEWTODECORATING.
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Those cupcakes are adorable!! Thank you everyone for all of your ideas. I'm going to think about all of them and see what I can come up with. Thank you for the confidence as well. It's nice to be reassured by other people who actually make cakes as well. icon_smile.gif
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My daughter's bday theme this year was dogs so I searched the gallery here for ideas. There's one under Birthdays that has different colored paw prints all over it and it's really cute. You could do pink and blue prints, maybe?
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