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Sheet Cake Pricing?

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I was just asked to do a sheet cake for 50 people. Nothing too fancy, it's for a kids b-day party. She just wants BC for the filling. And I was just wondering how to price it. I haven't done a sheet cake before, just round or square. Should I use the 2in, or 3in pan? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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That should help.
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Thank you MMGiles, but then how would I price it? Any tips?
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I have the same dilemma and was also wondering how to price a 9x13 cake
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40 to 50 for someone I didn't know.

35 for a friend.

Hope this helps. icon_smile.gif
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I do a 9x13 for $30.00 if that helps. I have never had a problem getting that. I am thinking of bumping it up to $40.00. It sort of depends on where you are.
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I am doing a full sheet cake this weekend and what I did was check the prices at to local grocery stores
Winn Dixie gets $45. for a FULL basic sheet cake and Wal Mart gets $35...I was completely shocked at those prices...
But since I was doing this for a coworker, I quoated her $65. and she was surprised at the cost (how low), so if she likes it, hey you never know, she may throw in a few extra bucks.. icon_razz.gif

I know home baked is much better than store bought and should be worth a lot more. but oh well, since it was for a co-worker I didn't want to price myself out the the opportunity to do her cake...

Hope this helps...
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I charge $20 for a 9x13 and $25 for an 11x15 and on up. I am really thinking about going up to $25 and $30 though. I am just afraid of making that big jump but I know some of my loyal customers would still use me. The price of eggs is just killing me!! icon_eek.gif
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Thanks for all of the responses. I think I am going to try out $40 for my 9 x 13 and see how that goes for a while.
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I charge $1.50 for sheet cakes, based on a 2x2" serving. (And if you actually cut that, it's not as small as you think.)

12x18, when cut into 2x2's = 54 servings. I round it to 50 for pricing purposes. 50 x $1.50 = $75.

Yes, it's more than Walmart. And your point would be .......? icon_confused.gif
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I price my sheet cakes as follows....all single layer, no filling:
9x13 = $25
11x15 = $45
12x18 = $55
full sheet = $65
texas sheet = $75

My pricing is competitive with other higher-end bakeries in my area....and also based off profit margin to ensure a certain profit. Yoru pricing is going vary based on your costs and region.
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Hello. I'm new to posting in the forums.

I'm in Chicago, so I think I can charge a bit more than the average supermarket price, but what I was wondering is if you all charge more for the complexity of the design of the cake? What do you charge for a 8-9 inch round that's filled? What type of cake do you use? Should I charge more for a chiffon? Oh the questions....

I can't get enough cakes in my life!
I can't get enough cakes in my life!
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chefdebby, I believe that would be personal preference. We selected our name intentionally ... we "keep it simple" for the bride.

I do not believe in nickel and diming a bride to death. I detest the practice of a low initial price and then adding, adding, adding, to it. So I do not charge for design elements. I do not charge extra for fillings, flavors, basketweave or a price per bc rose. I view it as "it balances" because I dont' discount for simplistic designs such as "ice it and wrap a ribbon around the bottom".

There is a caterer here in town, who is very good and very expensive. And god luv 'em, they put it all out on their website so clients can see what the cost is and why. But they start out with $24.95 per person for the meal. And by the time they add the extra charges ("Oh? You want a plate to go with that food? That'll be an extra $4 per person.") the final price was $95/person!

I just dont' want to work that hard.....I don't want to have to figure the price of a cake "from scratch" each and every time. I dont' have time for that. With a flat rate, the pricing is easy and the bride can figure out ahead of time how much the cake will be, which is half the sales battle.

I've seen cake price lists that were more confusing than the mortgage papers I signed when I bought my house! icon_confused.gif

But's personal preference on how you want to set up and run your business. We just prefer to keep it simple.
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I guess I am out of the norm...I charge 85.00 dollars for a full sheet, 1 layer, bc no frills but nicely decorated....

9 x 13 I charge 36.00
11x 15 46.00 and if they want a double it's 10 dollars extra.

I havent had any problems with people paying that price and Im in rural Kentucky....If they don't go with me it doesn't hurt my feelings, I have to make money to, I have kids to feed and bills to pay and traveling to get the ingredients and supplies takes time and gas. So I feel I am charging what I need to charge....

I did just have a customer that wanted 2 sheet cakes for 70.00!!! That floored me and I walked out.

Nope not doing it.
(NO I am not a goat farmer LOL)

I get enough excercise just pushing my luck
(NO I am not a goat farmer LOL)

I get enough excercise just pushing my luck
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wgoat5....if you can get those prices I think it's great! thumbs_up.gif
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