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Originally Posted by gma1956

I LOVE THIS --- Where did you see this or did you come up with the idea yourself? I think you did excellent -- when I read the topic I thought it would be a flat cake the flag made with icing. My mouth dropped open when I saw the picture. icon_surprised.gif I want to try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, the way I made mine sounds just a bit easier than the way Briansbaker made hers.

I made enough batter for a 6" layer and 2-10" round layers out of butter cake. I removed enough of the batter for the 6" pan and tinted that blue. I tinted the rest of the batter red for the 10" cakes. I didn't go "really" red because I only had Wilton red and didn't want to ruin the flavor of the cake.

I baked them off, cooled them completely and then torted the red layers into 3 and 4 (for the 7 red stripes). Side note: My dh has a "thing" about flags and told me that unless I was going to try and make it as realistic as possible--not to do it. So I was really going to have to go for the 7 layers (hence the fishing line trick.).

After the layers were torted, I cut a 6" circle out of 3 of the red layers. I layerd and filled them with the whipped cream putting the 3 "doughnug" layers on top. I then lightly iced the blue cake on the bottom and sides and dropped it inot the hole that was made for it.

I wanted to ice the sides and top with whipped cream, pipe rosettes around the edges and fill the center with the berries. That was my plan that didn't come to fruition. I also had wanted to layer thin-sliced strawberries on top of each white layer (I got that idea from somebody on CC--can't remember who off hand). That' didn't happen, either.

I will definately make this again and I"m probably going to try and put white stars in the blue layer to make it a bit more authentic looking. I will also use Turtle's toothpick trick to keep my torted layers stacked correctly--I read that one after I had already made this cake.

I'm glad you guys don't think it's quite as horrible as I do--I didn't enter it into the contest, nor did I put it in my personal gallery. I'll do better next time and upload that pic. lol! usaribbon.gif

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Oh your cake is so cool!!! I have already copyed, pasted, and printed out the directions! Great job!!!
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